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US - Chap.12.5

Study Guide for Chapter 12.5 "Secession and War"

What was the burning question in the months before the election of 1860? Would the Union break up
Who was the Presidential candidate for the Northern Democratic Party? Stephen Douglas
Who was the Presidential candidate for the Constitutional Union Party? John Bell
Who was the Presidential candidate for the Southern Democratic Party? John Breckinridge
Who was the Presidential candidate for the Republican Party? Abraham Lincoln
What was the stance on slavery for the Northern Democratic Party? Supported Popular Sovereignty
What was the stance on slavery for the Southern Democratic Party? Supported the Dred Scott decision and Upheld slavery
What was the stance on slavery for the Constitutional Union Party? Took no position on Slavery
What was the stance on slavery for the Republican Party? Slavery should be left undisturbed where it existed, but should be excluded from the Territories
What four things were proof that the vote in the Election of 1860 was purely along sectional lines. Lincoln’s name did not appear on the ballot in most Southern states Lincoln won every Northern state Breckinridge swept the Southern states Bell took most of the Border states
Even though the Republican Party promised not to disturb slavery where it already existed, Southerners feared… that the Republican administration would not protect Southern Rights
What was the first Southern state to secede? South Carolina
What was the compromise proposed by the Crittenden amendments? A provision to protect slavery south of 36०30’ latitude in all territories now held or hereafter acquired
Why was the Crittenden Amendment unacceptable to the Republicans? They had just won an election on the principle that slavery would not be extended in the territories
What was the Southern reaction to the Crittenden Amendment? They rejected the plan "We spit on your compromise"
Which six states seceded in February of 1861? Texas Louisiana Mississippi Alabama Florida Georgia
Who was elected President of the Confederacy? Jefferson Davis
Explain the argument the Southerners used to justify their secession? States had voluntarily chosen to enter the Union The constitution was a contract among the independent states Refusing to enforce the Fugitive Slave Act (violated contract) Denied the Southern states equal rights in the territories (forbid slavery)
Who saw the secession as a “fearful calamity” upon the United States? Robert E. Lee
Why did some Northern abolitionists prefer to allow the Southern states to secede? If the Union could only be kept together by compromising on slavery, then let the Union be destroyed
What was President Buchanan’s response the secession of the southern states? The Southern states had no right to secede, but he had no power to stop them
Shortly after Lincoln was inaugurated President, the South decided to do what? test him (test his authority as President)
What dilemma did President Lincoln face when Confederates seized U.S. forts in their states? He didn’t want to start a war by taking the forts back… but allowing them to keep them would amount to admitting their right to secede
Why did President Lincoln send an unarmed expedition to supply Fort Sumter? He did not want to start a war
What did the Confederates decide to do when Lincoln sent an unarmed supply ship to Fort Sumter? They decided to attack Fort Sumter
When the confederates attacked Fort Sumter, how did President Lincoln respond to this action? He issued a call for 75,000 troops to fight to save the Union
What was the reaction by the southern states to President Lincoln’s call for 75,000 northern volunteers to save the Union? Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Arkansas seceded Volunteers quickly signed up to fight
Created by: ColbyHistory
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