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Canadian Government

What is Democracy? A form of government in which all eligible citizens participate equally- either directly or through elected representatives in the proposal, development, and creation of laws.
What does the Executive Branch Do? Propose laws ( bills ) Put laws into action Run day to day business of the government Deal with their assigned portfolio’s
Who does the Executive Branch involve? The Executive Branch involves the Prime Minister, the cabinet (MP’s), and Senators.
How do MP’s get these positions? They get their jobs by getting elected in their electoral district as elected representatives.
How does the PM get their position? To become the PM you must be the elected leader of the party, then you must be elected as a MP, then finally you must win the most seats in the House of Commons.
What is the cabinet? The cabinet is a group of people that was appointed by the Prime Minister, who each have their own portfolio.
What is a portfolio? A portfolio is a ministers area of responsibility as a member of cabinet
Who does the Legislative Branch Involve? The Legislative Branch includes the HOC, the Senate, and the Governor General.
How do those people get these positions? The Governor General is appointed by the Prime Minister, so does the Senate.
What does the legislative branch do? Makes laws Represents the interests of Canada’s regions
What is the role of the Governor General? The role of the Governor General is to be the representative of the Queen for Canada, and does all the work for the Queen in Canada.
Who does the Judicial Branch involve? The Judicial Branch involves judges and the Supreme Court, where they interpret and apply laws to action or so.
What does the Judicial Branch do? The Judicial Branch interprets and applies the laws to action.
What is the difference between a minority and majority government? A minority government is when they get less than 50% of the seats in the House of Commons, and a majority government is when they get more than 50% of the seats in the HOC.
What is a political party? An organized group that has the same ideology or beliefs in politics.
What are the five main political Parties? The Conservative Party New Democratic Party Bloc Quebecois The Liberal Party The Green Party.
How does a party become the governing party? A party becomes the governing party by winning and getting the most votes or seats in the House of Commons
What are the steps for a bill to become Law? The steps for a bill to become a Law is it goes through the 1st reading (without debates), then 2nd reading, Committee, Report, 3rd reading, Senate, Royal Assent (Governor General signs it to be official)
What is the purpose of lobby groups? Lobby groups represent articulating interests and advancing views that tend to be ignored by political parties.
What role does the media play in government? The media plays a major role by keeping citizens updated of current events and raising awareness. It also has a significant impact on public views and way of thinking. The media is the primary means in which public opinion is shaped and/or manipulated.
What is the constitution? A constitution is an aggregate of fundamental principles or established precedents that constitute the legal basis of a polity, organization or other type of entity and commonly determine how that entity is to be governed.
What is the role of the opposition party? The role of the opposition party is to challenge the government and create debate to keep them in check and on their toes
How do you become the opposition? To become the ‘official’ opposition, you need to have the second-most seats in the House of Commons.
What does the candidate who wins their riding become? The candidate who wins their riding becomes a member of the House of Commons and becomes a representative for it’s party
Where do they go to represent their riding? They go to the House of Commons to represent their riding.
Which city do they go to represent their riding? They go to the city of Ottawa to represent their riding in the House of Commons.
What does the leader of the party with the most seats become? The leader of the party, with the most seats in the House of Commons, becomes the Prime Minister and his/her party becomes the governing party.
List the 3 Branches of Government? Executive Legislative Judicial
Who is a part of each of the branches? -Executive Branch: The Prime Minister, cabinet ministers, Governor General? -Legislative Branch: The House of Commons (HOC), the Senate, and the Governor General. -Judicial Branch: The Supreme Court of Canada, Provincial and Territorial Courts.
What role does the British monarch play in Canadian Government? The Queen plays a role in the Canadian Government which is the Head of State.
Who represents the British Monarch in Canada? The Governor General: Julie Payette
What are political parties? Political parties are parties that have their own ideology about how to govern a country
What is the role of a lobbyist? The role of the lobbyists is to work on behalf of a private interest group or corporation, to influence decisions that are made by our elected officials
Who is the formal head of state? The Queen
Created by: grass237
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