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Road to Revolution

Patrick Henry (Virginia politician) “Give me liberty or give me death!”
James Otis (Massachusetts politician) “No Taxation Without Representation!”
Virtual Representation the idea that Parliament virtually represents all British subjects and have the right to speak for them, rather than people in districts elected officials to speak on their behalf
Sons of Liberty group of American patriots who used “terroristic methods” in the fight for their rights
Daughters of Liberty colonial women who boycotted British goods
Stamp Act Congress (1765) 9 colonies met in NYC
Non-Importation Agreements Colonial attempt to boycott British goods to force political rights and recognition
Townshend Acts (1767) 3 separate acts .. *named after Minister of Finance Charles Townshend* *eventually repealed by Lord North in 1770; BUT kept small tax on tea as a symbol of Parliament’s right to tax the colonies*
Writs of Assistance part of Townshend Acts) -British could unreasonably search and seize colonial goods and property
John Dickinson “Letters From a Pennsylvania Farmer” – pamphlet that states Britain can regulate commerce BUT NOT tax colonies without representation
John Hancock famous & wealthy shipowner and smuggler who used his $ to fund the Sons of Liberty -famous for his signature on the Declaration of Independence
Sam Adams failed businessman turned leader of the Sons of Liberty; 1st cousin to John Adams
Boston “Massacre” (March 5th, 1770) 1st bloodshed of the revolution
Paul Revere (from Boston) Sons of Liberty member; Silversmith by trade (also amateur engraver & dentist); famous for his “Midnight Ride” and Boston Massacre engraving
Lord North British Prime Minister whom is in power when England loses the colonies
Committees of Correspondence (starts 1772) secretive/shadow governments set up in Massachusetts to talk about the British … Virginia’s House of Burgesses makes it inter-colonial (1773)
The Gaspee (June 9th, 1772) British customs/trade ship (schooner) that is looted (robbed) and burned off the coast of Rhode Island
Boston Tea Party (Dec. 16th, 1773) vent where the Sons of Liberty overthrew all British tea in the Boston Harbor *dressed as Mohawk Indians*; thousands watched and cheered on the docks -direct cause/result of the Tea Act of 1773 -effect: Coercive Acts (in particular: Boston Port Act)
Intolerable Acts (1774) Colonists name for the Coercive (4) & Quebec Acts (3 parts)
Thomas Gage British royal governor of Massachusetts and main general for British @ the start of the war; orders capturing weapons from Lexington & Concord
1st Continental Congress (Sept. 1774) Philadelphia) Group of colonial delegates petition King George III of grievances: a. Boycott all British goods, Call up colonial militias, Reaffirms allegiance to Britain *12 of 13 colonies show up (Georgia does not)
Minute Men colonial militiamen ready to fight in a short notice
Militia local town men who are prepared to defend their territory
Lexington & Concord (April 19th, 1775) 1st military engagements of the Revolutionary War -“The shot(s) heard around the world”
2nd Continental Congress (May 10th, 1775 … met until March 1st, 1781) (Philadelphia) – attempt by colonists to form a government
Breed’s Hill (June 17, 1775) (Bunker Hill) 1st “official” battle of the Revolutionary War in Boston (misnamed Bunker Hill)
Olive Branch Petition (adopted July 5th, 1775; by Aug. 1775 Britain declared the colonies to be in rebellion) Last colonial attempt to stop war with Britain; -it is rejected by King George III = war is inevitable
Benedict Arnold Colonial general who turns sides after being rejected for a promotion (turncoat/traitor)
. Thomas Paine (Common Sense published 1/10/1776) author of pro-independence pamphlets Common Sense and The Crisis
Ethan Allen Leader of the Green Mountain Boys who helped take Fort Ticonderoga from the British
Thomas Jefferson Main author of the Declaration of Independence (w/ John Adams & Ben Franklin) and diplomat to France during the war
Patriots Pro-independence colonists -made up 40-50% of colonists; mostly in New England and Virginia
Loyalists/Tories anti-independence and pro-British king colonists -made up 20-30% of colonists; mostly in NY, NJ, and deep South
Created by: Aiyannah
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