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3rd Farmer Wk 11&12

Test Review for weeks 11 and 12

Who created the first assembly line? Henry Ford
John Fitch invented a boat that was powered by what? Steam
Who built the first gas-powered automobile? Karl Benz
Where did Wilbur and Orville Wright get their inspiration for making an airplane? Watching a bird fly
When cars were first made, it took 14 hours to build one car. After the assembly line was created it to 24 hours to build one car. False
What was making foods spoil so quickly? Germs
The first free hospital was opened nearly 3,000 years ago. Where was this located? Asia
Who fought for Hispanic Civil Rights? Hector P. Garcia
Sir Alexander Fleming made his amazing discovery about penicillin on accident. He realized that mold was killing the bacteria that caused diseases. True
What will NOT lead you to a healthy life? Eating whatever you want
Which of the following is NOT a fossil fuel? Coal, Algae, Oil, or gasoline Algae
Where was the Hull House started? Chicago
First man on the moon Armstrong
Inventor of the gas-powered car Benz
Products Goods
Manufacturing place Factory
John Fitch's Invention Steamboat
A place for sick and injured people to get help Hospital
Tiny living things that can cause disease germs
The disease Salk helped prevent Polio
A liquid made of dead or weak germs vaccine
A medicine that kills bacteria Penicillin
Created by: Farmerday



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