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Benchmark 2.10

monitoring the government closely observe what officials, agencies, or branches are doing
influence the government persuade members of the government to adopt policies or programs you prefer.
ways individuals can influence the government voting, Petitioning the government, collecting signatures on issues, speaking at meeting, sending letters or e-mail messages, making campaign contributions, and using social media are additional ways that individuals can influence the government.
interest group a group of individuals with common interests that seek to influence the government and public policy.
ways interests groups influence the government Interest Groups use their First Amendment rights of peaceable assembly, free speech, and petition to monitor and influence the government.
Political Action Committees (PAC's) raise money and contribute to campaigns of candidates that they support
lobbying. When interest groups work with members of Congress or with other elected legislators to get laws passed
lobbyist person from interest group that work with members of Congress to get laws pass
media methods of communicating to large numbers of people- it includes newspapers, magazines, radio, television programs, internet websites, blogs, and social media
role of media as watchdog When the media investigates and reports on the government to expose possible wrongdoing by government officials.
public policy a plan of action by the government to solve a problem.
Political Action Committees (PAC's) A group that raises and spends money to influence elections or legislation.
media's role as watchdog watch over government institutions and hold those institutions and officials accountable.
media bias display of favor for or against someone or something. Certain media organizations can favor candidates or parties.
problems with media bias misinformation lack of information incomplete information (only provides one side of a story)
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