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Progressivism Quiz

Which of the following were the two measures Woodrow Wilson pushed for after taking office? tariff revision and banking reform
Which of the following policies did Teddy Roosevelt make a top goal of his administration? regulating big business
Which of these following people is NOT considered one of the progressive presidents? Calvin Coolidge
The 16th Amendment gives the federal government the power to do what? Tax our incomes
Who becomes President in 1901 after William McKinley is assassinated? Theodore Roosevelt
How did Progressive reformers try to improve conditions for Native Americans? by trying to assimilate them into American culture
How did Booker T. Washington differ from other African American leaders? He thought that African Americans should not openly challenge segregation
Who founded the National American Woman Suffrage Association? Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Women's right to vote was guaranteed with the passage of what amendment? 19th Amendment
What did the 18th Amendment to the Constitution do? Prohibit Alcohol
Why did the Supreme Court rule that the federal child labor laws passed by Congress were unconstitutional? The laws were beyond the federal governments power to regulate interstate commerce
What terrible workplace accident took place in 1911? The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
How was the American Federation of Labor (AFL) different from the Industrial Workers of the World? It allowed only skilled workers to join
An economic system in which private businesses run most industries and competition determines the price of goods is called? Capitalism
The book "The Jungle" describes horrors in which industry? The meat packing industry
How did Progressives try to improve education? They started kindergarten programs to help young city children learn basic social skills
Which of the following practices was introduced to give voters more power? creating a system to remove an official before the end of his or her term
Which of the following was NOT part of progressive voting reforms? Voting rights act
What amendment allowed for the direct election of U.S. Senators? 17th amendment
What is the goal of political machines? Gain control of local governments



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