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George W. Bush Son of former President George H. W. BushGovernorofTexasfrom1995-2000 President of the US in 2000 after winning the majority of the electoral college
AI Gore 45th Vice President under Bill ClintonServed in the US House of Representatives and SenateFrom TennesseeCurrently an environmentalistReceived the Nobel Peace Prize for work in climate-change activism
Election of 2000 Some of the voting machines hadn’t fullypunched through on the ballot and thoseballots weren’t counted.The recount deadline was not extended and the Florida courts supported not extendingthe deadline.The election was decided by the Supreme Court. They ru
Osama bin laden Osama bin Laden and his organization, al-Qaeda (formed in 1988) took credit for the attacks.Bin Laden formed al-Qaeda to help fight the Soviets in Afghanistan.
USA patriot act expanded the government’s law enforcement powers.(can monitor bank accounts, wiretap, searches, etc.)
Department of homeland security was created to keep the United States safe from all threats. They monitor intelligence and protect high level government officials.
War in Iraqi In 2003, George W Bush targeted the Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein because the US feared that he had Weapons of Mass Destruction. US launched air strikesDictatorshipcollapsedHussein was caught, tried for crimes against Iraqis, and executed in 2006
No child left behind Launched an education initiative that had a lasting impact on American educational system.Program required states to test all students in math and English each year from 3rd to 8th grade
Hurricane Katrina Highest storm surge ever recorded to hit North AmericaNew Orleans levees could not stand the surge $81.2 billion in damages 1,800 people died One reason the high number of deaths happened was blamed on the slow response by government officials.Thousands s
Emergency Economic Stabilization Act the Secretary of the Treasury was authorized to spend $700 billion to buy investments that were near failure and to help “bailout” banks that were failing.
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