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Impact of Economy

Middle East Test Review

civilization highly developed society
Indus Valley an area of land that is located along the Indus River in present-day Pakistan and India
irrigation the channeling of water to fields to help crops grow
Mesopotamia an area of land that is located between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers in the Middle East; means "land between two rivers"
growth civilizations emerged in river valleys because the conditions were good for supporting __________________
kings and royal families The ancient Chinese were governed by _____
praroahs the rulers of Egypt, believed by their people to be descended of the sun god.
priest Each city-state in Sumer had its own government, which was headed by a _________________________
Sumer Mesopotamia was home to civilizations like the __________
China Huang He Valley location
India Indus Valley location
irrigation systems a common element between all early river valley civilizations was the development of ____________ _____________
many gods early river valley civilizations believed in ________________ ___________________
rivers early river valley civilizations developed around one or more __________________because this allowed for surplus crops to be grown and support their growing populations
oasis a small, fertile area in the desert, usually a place where water is close to the surface
water This physical feature is the primary factor determining settlement patterns in North Africa and Southwest Asia.
transportation one of the world's earliest civilizations grew up in Mesopotamia because of the fertile soil, water availability, and access to ______________________ near rivers
overgrazing Problems faced by agricultural communities in the region include water availability, salinization, and _____________________ of land
Western globalization affected the region's cities by evidence of ________________ architecture
Fertile Crescent an area of land that is shaped like a crescent moon that extends from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea
Huang He River river which flows through north-central China and empties into the Yellow Sea, also known as the Yellow River
Nile Valley an area of land that is located along the Nile River in present-day Egypt
silt rich soil that is deposited by a river
Bolan River Farmers may have moved to the Indus Valley from the _________________________ area because the river dried up
Egypt Nile Valley location
out-migration movement from one's homeland to another country
salinization an accumulation of higher than normal salt content in the soil
pastoral nomadism the practice, most common in areas with limited resources, of moving herds from one place to another
mechanized _____________________ agricultural methods have boosted crop production.
water Improved ____________________ delivery systems have enabled people to live in formerly uninhabited areas.
globalization Actions or processes that involve the entire world and result in making something worldwide in scope. This has increased urbanization in Northern Africa and SW Asia
herders pastoral nomads were ___________ who moved from place to place with their animals
trade routes the highest concentration of people are usually near water sources or _________________________ (ports)
Islamic Narrowing, winding streets, walled city centers, and mosques in the city center are all influences of ________________ culture in urban landscape
employment globalization affected the region's cities by providing increased __________________ opportunities
housing Regional urban centers faced challenges like pollution, lack of ____________________, and inadequate services like transportation and sanitation
capital goods machines, factories, technologies, buildings, and tools used in the production of other goods
culture the beliefs, values, arts, customs, religion, and ways of life of a particular people
specialization the focus on a specific good or service, for more efficiency
human _____________ capital is the investment in education and training for people in a given country
capital _________________ goods are the investment in factories and technology in a given country.
Arab ethnic group located in countries throughout the Arabian Peninsula, speak Arabic, most are Muslim, largest ethnic group in Middle East
Kurds ethnic group located in the mountains of Iraq, Iran, and Turkey; speak Kurdish; Sunni Muslims and Shiite Muslims
Persians Ethnic group that settled in what is now Iran; speak Farsi; Shia Islam religion
Farsi Language of Iran based on Arabic alphabet
Islam Dominant religion in the Middle East
education higher literacy rates in a country are usually related to more money devoted to ______________ from a country's GDP each year
command Saudi Arabia has a mixed economy but it leans more towards a _____________ economy because the government controls a lot of things related to profits in the country
command economy An economic system in which the government controls a country's economy.
market economy economic system in which decisions on production and consumption of goods and services are based on voluntary exchange in markets; people have the freedom to open businesses and profit from their sales; government has the LEAST amount of involvement
mixed economy an economic system combining private and public enterprise
traditional economy An economy in which production is based on customs and traditions and economic roles are typically passed down from one generation to the next; trade and bartering takes precedent over money
oil the most dominant natural resource used by countries like Iraq
OPEC The purpose of ___________ is to determine oil prices and set policies for the production of oil
ethnic group Group of people who share common ancestry, language, religion, customs, or combination of such characteristics
religious group a group with a belief system in a god or gods, with a specific set of rituals and literature
drought long period of dry weather resulting in water shortages
endemic unique to a particular place or region
food security the ability to produce or import enough food to nourish the population
population the effects of a growing ___________________ have been constant conflict over land, water, and employment as well as increased participation in extremist groups
Arab-Israeli a long-running conflict that centers on security for Israel and independence for Palestinians. Most political analysts believe that the ___________________ conflict will play less of a role in regional politics in the future.
cultural group An increasing number of the region's young people are identifying themselves by their _____.
democracy The movement toward _____________________ in the Middle East will be a gradual process, but most people generally want a voice in the policies that affect their lives
land management The effects of poor __________ ________________ practices include desertification (increased aridity) and increased salinization (salty soil).
degradation a decline to a lower condition, quality, or level
fundamentalism Literal interpretation and strict adherence to basic principles of a religion (or a religious branch, denomination, or sect).
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Libya These nations have abundant oil resources.
Israel and Turkey These nations have strong economies even though they have no oil reserves.
faster the economy of Egypt will need to grow ____________ than its growing population to survive
territory As a result of the Six Day War of 1967, Israel increased its _________________
politics Islam is reasserting itself into personal lives and regional ______________________
desertification change causing land to be more arid
oil the major economic challenge of the region is ensuring the stability of the ___________ industry
OPEC stabilizes the oil market, controls oil prices, and provides a stable supply of oil exports
social services providing ___________ _______________ from the government would increase regional stability in the Middle East
Political Islam the incorporation of Islam into government functions
brain drain the loss of highly educated and skilled workers to other countries
political system When analysts in Western cultures use the word fundamentalism in connection with the Middle East, they primarily mean _____.
oil This natural resource supports the economy of many nations in the region.
Yemen the poorest country in the Southwest Asis/Northern Africa region
power Political leaders use Islam to gain ______________
limit Political Islam wants to _________________ access to technology
terrorism the events of 9/11 in the United States led to the War on ____________________
conflicted term used to describe the political situation in Northern Africa and SW Asia (also unstable and turbulent)
independence main issue of the Arab-Israeli Conflict is the desire for Palestinian ________________
security main issue of the Arab-Israeli Conflict is the desire for Israeli _________________
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