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H6- Reconstruction

What did the 13th Amendment want to do? Abolish (get rid of) slavery
What happened if Southern states passed this? they could come back into the Union
What did the 14th Amendment do? gave citizenship rights to freed slaves and gave equal protection to everyone
what Southern state was the only state to approve of this? Tennessee
What did Congress say? you must pass this in order to come back into the Union
What did the 15th Amendment do? gave all US citizens the right to vote no matter their race or previous servitude
When did GA join back into the Union? July 1870
What did Abe Lincoln want? to set up a new government and wanted the North and South to get back together
What did 1/10 of the people that voted in the 1860 election have to do? take an oath to obey the constitution
What is the black code? blacks were not allowed to vote, testify against whites in court and couldn’t serve as jurors
What did Johnson do after Lincoln's assassination? he stayed committed to Lincoln's plan
What did the Radical Republicans favor? harsher punishments
What did GA refuse and what happened? GA refused to pass the 14th Amendment and was placed under the authority of Congress
What was tenant farming? you owned things such as animals, equipment, and supplies.
How much of the harvest did tenant farmers recieve? 3/4
Did tenant farmers have a better chance at getting ahead? yes
What is sharecropping? you didn't own anything and had to borrow things.
What did sharecroppers contribute to? labor
How much of the harvest did sharecroppers recieve? half
Was sharecropping a legal form of slavery? yes
Did they both work for landowners? yes
What was deducted from crop allowance? rent and money for supplies
What year was the Freedman's Bureau established and who established it? US Gov't
What did they give to freed slaves? food, clothing, medicine, and other supplies
Before the Civil War educating blacks was what? forbidden
Freedman's Bureau built how many schools for blacks? 4,000
What year was the 1st black school opened and where? 1865 and in the old slave mart in Savannah
What was the Ku Klux Klan? a hate group determined to keep blacks from having the same rights as whites
What did they do? spread terror throughout the South
They greatly influenced what because of scare tactics? politics
Who was in charge of GA under military rule? General John Pope
How many legislators were voted in? 30
Who was Henry McNeal Turner? an educated minister, 1st black chaplain in the US Army, and he was elected to the House of Representatives
What happened to the black legislators? faced daily harrasment and threats from white politicians and citizens. they were also threatened, beaten, or jailed.
What did the white politicans argue? GA constitution denied blacks the right to hold office. 28 black legislators were expelled.
Created by: keelielewis
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