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4/29/20 49%

1.While changing the tissue processor, the laboratory worker was NOT wearing chemical goggles, and alcohol splashed in the employee’s right eye. The eye should be flushed with cool water for at least how many minutes? 5 10 15 20 15
2. Which category of fixative works by altering the tertiary structure of tissue proteins? Additive fixatives Non-coagulating fixatives Aqueous fixatives Non-aqueous fixatives Additive fixatives
3.A component of nerve tissue that can be demonstrated by gold and silver impregnation techniques is: neurofibrils Nissl substance dendrites myelin neurofibrils
4.All of the following normally would be received in the laboratory attached to a lung resection except: bronchus lymph nodes pleura rib rib
5.The best positive control tissues for Alcian Blue are all of the following EXCEPT: Appendix Liver Colon Small intestine Liver
6.Application of these nonenzymatic (classic) staining procedures can be used in the diagnosis of muscle disease. Select ALL that apply. Periodic Acid Schiff (PAS) Modified Gomori Trichrome Masson's Trichrome Oil Red O Periodic Acid Schiff (PAS) Modified Gomori Trichrome Oil Red O
7.Blood rich tissue, such as spleen, should be cryo-sectioned at what temperature? -5° C to -15° C -15° C to -20° C -20° C to -30° C Any of the above -5° C to -15° C
8. Which of the following can be used to soften the exposed face of paraffin-embedded tissue that is too hard to section, such as uterus? acid glycerin heat xylene glycerin
9. Select the method(s) that use(s) a methenamine solution: Foot-Bielschowski Wilder and Snook Jones and Gomori Gridley and Laidlow Jones and Gomori
10. The temperature of the flotation bath used for paraffin sections should be 5-10° C ABOVE the melting point of paraffin. True False False
11.Which of the following will only happen if a person is exposed to the highest level of electrical currents? muscle contractions respiratory inhibition thermal burns tingling sensation thermal burns
12.Which of the following statements is true regarding fixation and temperature? Increase in temperature increases rate of fixation, but also increases rate of autolysis Fixation at lower temperatures (4C) decreases penetration rate All of the above All of the above
13Fresh,unfixed tissue needs to be transported from a nearby local facility to the histology laboratory.What is the recommended method of transport? Wrapped in saline-moistened gauze in a sealed plastic container & placed on ice Frozen until a latertime Wrapped in saline-moistened gauze in a sealed plastic container and placed on ice
14. What fixative is NOT ideal for immunohistochemistry (IHC) staining due to incomplete removal of picric acid? B5 Zenker's Zinc formalin Bouin's Bouin's
16.An issue arrising during microtomy may have several sources that require consideration in order for it to be resolved. True False True
17.A liquid has a closed cup flash point below 100o F (38o C.). This makes the liquid: combustible explosive flammable corrosive flammable
18.Incomplete decolorization/differentiation of tissue in the Fite Acid-fast stain will result in: Pale pink staining of organism Pink non-specific staining of tissue Blue non-specific staining of tissue Blue non-specific staining of organism Pink non-specific staining of tissue
20How would a histotech prepare 100(mL)of a 3% solution of acetic acid when a 30% solution of acetic acid is available? 50mL of 30% solution+add 50mL of DIwater 10mL of 30% solution+add 90mL of DIwater 3% solution can't be prepared from a 30% solution Use 10 mL of the 30% solution + add 90 mL of distilled water
21Paraffin sections are floated on waterbath,but part of the tissue seems to be missing,even tho it is visible in the paraffin block.What is the possible cause for this? not embedded flat is under-processed not faced or trimmed deep enough All of them All of them
22. For optimal cryo-sectioning results, fresh tissue should be placed directly on the metal chuck and then sectioned. False
23. To demonstrate muscle enzymes, which freezing method is preferred? Cryostat freezer plate Dry ice Liquid nitrogen Pre-chilled isopentane Pre-chilled isopentane
24. Which of the following factors will affect tissue processing? Tissue size and thickness Tissue type and density Length of time in reagents and temperature of reagents All of the above All of the above
25. How might the fixative action of zinc tris be classified? Dehydrant Preservative Chelator Solvent Preservative
26. Non-specific staining of tissue components is decreased during fungal staining techniques by using: Sodium thiosulfate Sensitizer Chromic acid Borax solution Chromic acid
27. In the Weigert stain for fibrin, the principle coloring agent is: periodic acid crystal violet Ponceau-fuchsin phosphotungstic hematoxylin crystal violet
28. Which of the dyes listed is synthetic? Carmine Indigo Oil red O Hematoxylin Oil red O
29. The presence of melanin precursors can be detected in unstained formalin-fixed sections using: fluorscent microscopy light microscopy electron microscopy polarization microscopy fluorscent microscopy
30. Which of the following is the most commonly found cell in connective tissue and promotes wound healing? Fibroblast Osteocyte Chondrocyte All of the above Fibroblast
32. In a normal H&E stain, the erythrocytes stain blue. True False False
33. Tissue sections that have been over-stained with an alum hematoxylin, during H&E, should be differentiated in which of the solutions to remove the excess dye? Scott solution Weak acetic or hydrochloric acid solution in EtOH Ammonium hydroxide Weak acetic or hydrochloric acid solution in EtOH
34. Insulating gloves should be worn when working with: chloroform formaldehyde liquid nitrogen osmium tetroxide liquid nitrogen
35. For good fixation, it is recommended that the tissue be no larger than: 2cm square and 1 - 2 mm thick 2cm square and 3 - 4 mm thick 3cm square and 1 - 2 mm thick 3cm square and 3 - 4 mm thick 2cm square and 3 - 4 mm thick
36. ONLY nuclear staining patterns of herpes simplex virus (HSV) can be observed. True False False
37. In the Hotchkiss-McManus PAS technique, polysaccharides present in fungal walls are oxidized to aldehydes by: 1% periodic acid 0.5% periodic acid 5% chromic acid 4% chromic acid 1% periodic acid
38.Fat or lipid staining is an example of this type of staining reaction. Physical Chemical Physical
39. Why is paraffin with a lower melting point (55° C) typically preferred for microtomy? Paraffin blocks are hard and brittle Paraffin sections are soft and sticky Paraffin can be melted and stored at higher temperatures (>65° C) Paraffin sections are soft and sticky
40. Oligodendroglia are cells that function in the production and maintenance of myelin sheath surrounding: axons neuroglia microglia astrocytes axons
41. What is the name of the instrument used to cut frozen sections? Rotary microtome Embedding center Ultramicrotome Cryostat Cryostat
42. Select a commonly used connective tissue procedure that stains collagen blue: Masson trichrome Van Gieson Movat pentachrome Gomori one-step trichrome Masson trichrome
43. This modification of Bodian's method for nerve fibers and neurofibrils uses a buffered impregnating solution to increase the specificity of the stain: Rio-Hortega Nonidez Bielschowsky Holmes Holmes
44.Of the following, the most informative special stain for demonstrating bacteria into tissue sections is the: Gridley Gram Grocott Warthin-Starry Gram
45.Which meets the definition of fixation? Any chemical/physical method which is capable of halting autolysis Any chemical/physical method that disrupts cell membranes Any chemical/physical method that maintains the pH of tissue proteins w/in range Any chemical/physical method which is capable of halting autolysis
46All of the following are drawbacks of the microwave procedure for PAS EXCEPT for: Non-specific staining of tissue Schiff solution shouldn't be re-used after microwaving Very slow color development Toxic vapors released when Schiff solution is heated Very slow color development
47. The safety lock, most often located on or near the advancement wheel, should be used whenever the microtomist is NOT actively sectioning paraffin blocks. True False True
48. In CQI (continuous quality improvement) or Teamworks, the team facilitator must: understand the principles of continuous quality improvement be an expert on the content of the problem empower the team solve the problem understand the principles of continuous quality improvement
49. Proteolytic emzymes used in enzyme-induced epitope retrieval (EIER) protocols can ONLY be used at 37-40° C. True False False
50. For cryostats that are used daily, it is recommended that decontamination occurs at this interval. Daily Weekly Bi-weekly Monthly Weekly
51. One characteristic of Bouin solution is that: causes considerable shrinkage in tissue it doesn't preserve tissues from the endocrine system improperly washed tissue blocks undergo undesirable changes improperly washed tissue blocks undergo undesirable changes
52. Doors leading from the laboratory to the hall should be: closed securely closed with the latch taped down open completely propped open closed securely
53. In acid-fast staining procedures, the substance used to enhance carbol-fuchsin staining and dissolve fuchsin dye is: hydrochloric acid water phenol methylene blue phenol
54. The steps, in order, for fixation of tissue for electron microscopy with glutaraldehyde are: phosphate buffer, glutaraldehyde, osmium tetroxide osmium tetroxide, glutaraldehyde, phosphate buffer glutaraldehyde, phosphate buffer, osmium tetroxide glutaraldehyde, phosphate buffer, osmium tetroxide
55. In acid-fast staining, drying the section after carbol-fuchsin staining should be avoided b/c it may: result in decolorization of acid-fast organisms inhibit counterstaining prevent decolonization result in acid-fast organisms that appear "beaded" result in decolorization of acid-fast organisms
56. Formaldehyde is diluted to a 10% solution for routine use. A commercially available 10% formalin solution contains what percentage of formaldehyde? 3.7-4.0% 10.0-20.1% 25.0-31.0% 50.0-60.1% 3.7-4.0%
57. What is the preferred fixative for use with the Bauer-Feulgen reaction for glycogen? Gendre's Orth's Bouin's Carnoy's Carnoy's
58. H&E staining variability may be due to which of the following? pH of tap water rinse Evaporated / half-filled solution containers Dirty / saturated solutions Chlorinated tap water rinse pH of tap water rinse Evaporated / half-filled solution containers Dirty / saturated solutions Chlorinated tap water rinse
60. Two highly developed physiological properties displayed by neurons are: irritability and conductivity filtration and absorption contractibility and protection surface transport and secretion irritability and conductivity
61. Which enzyme activity is histochemically detectable in greater amounts in slow (Type 1) fibers of skeletal muscle? acetylcholinesterase non-specific esterase succinic dehydrogenase phosphorylase succinic dehydrogenase
62. What mechanism of fixation is utilized for touch preparations? Heat Chemical Desiccation Desiccation
63.During microscopic examination of a fungus stain,extraneous fungal elements are seen above rather than in the section.The likely cause for this problem is: contaminated staining solutions a bacterial rather than fungal disease contaminated staining solutions
65. A substance is considered an acid when it: turns litmus paper blue is electrically neutral has a pH less than 7 accepts protons has a pH less than 7
66. Which of the following epoxy resins must be used on a long embedding schedule as it penetrates tissue very slowly? Araldite Epon Glycol methacrylate Spurr Araldite
67. Why would it be necessary to unmask antigens? Due to fixation or over-fixation with an aldehyde-based fixative When osmium tetroxide is used for fixation When 70% alcohol is used for fixation Due to fixation or over-fixation with an aldehyde-based fixative
70. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that SDS sheets be: accompanied by a CD-Rom explaining the product use written in identical format without exception written in both English and Spanish written in English written in English
72. Considering the various bacterial stains, Gram-negative bacteria are typically stained with which of the following reagents? Crystal violet/ iodine Carbol- fuchsin or nuclear fast red Gallego solution Basic fuchsin or safranin O Basic fuchsin or safranin O
74. Neutral position/posture is defined as that position which: bends the wrist back and forth involves holding absolutely still is the only position that protects the back places the least amount of stress on the body places the least amount of stress on the body
75. Which of the following affects penetration rates of fixatives? Concentration of the fixative Heat/temperature pH of the fixative All of the above Heat/temperature
76. The formic acid present in commercial 37-40% formaldehyde solutions may: create formalin pigment precipitate hemosiderin enhance staining cause tissue shrinkage create formalin pigment
77. To counteract the shrinking action of picric acid on tissue, which of the following should be added to the fixative solution? Alcohol Zinc Acetone Acetic acid Acetic acid
78. Water bath temperature may need to be increased during paraffin sectioning of fatty tissue, such as breast or brain. True False False
79.The microtome used for electron microscopy is called an ultramicrotome. True False True
80. A tumor that is thought to be associated with asbestos exposure is: dysgerminoma hepatocellular carcinoma hypernephroma mesothelioma mesothelioma
81. The PAS stain is showing a lot of non-specific staining. This could be due to fixation in: 10% neutral buffered formalin Bouin solution Gendre solution glutaraldehyde solution glutaraldehyde solution
82. The elastic stain, Aldehyde Fuchsin, will stain these other tissue elements. Select all that apply. Acidic mucosubstances Beta cell granules Collagen Sulfated mucosubstances Beta cell granules Sulfated mucosubstances
83. The lowest temperature that a liquid may ignite is known as its: corrosive point evaporation point flash point inhalation point flash point
84.Which of the following is NOT a function of the Biological Stain Commission? Educating biological stain users about sources of reliable dyes Manufacturing biological stains Publishing info about new uses for biological dyes Manufacturing biological stains
86. Which of the following stains are NEGATIVE for neutral mucins and POSITIVE for acid mucins? Mayer Mucicarmine Alcian Blue 2.5 Muller-Mowry Colloidal Iron Periodic Acid Schiff Mayer Mucicarmine Alcian Blue 2.5 Muller-Mowry Colloidal Iron
87. Melanin pigment can be bleached out by which of the following reagents? Periodic acid Sodium iodate Potassium permanganate Oxalic acid Potassium permanganate
88. What is the average temperature in degrees Celsius (° C) used for routine sectioning on a cryostat? -10° C -20° C -30° C -40° C -20° C
89. Which of the following probe types are used to detect a translocation? Centromere probes Break-apart probes Locus-specific probes Break-apart probes
91. Which of the following weak acids is the only one routinely used for decalcification of bone? Acetic acid Formic acid Trichloroacetic acid Picric acid Formic acid
92. The most common site of a carcinoid tumor in the appendix is in the: body tip base neck tip
93. Beilschowsky's method involves double impregnation of brain sections with silver nitrate solution. The reducing agent used in this method is: hydroquinone phenol sodium sulfite formalin formalin
94. Rhabdomyosarcoma can be described as a malignant neoplasm of this tissue origin. Plasma cell Gland Skin Muscle Muscle
95. Which of the following is an important step when defrosting a cryostat? remilling the anti-roll plate resetting the micrometer washing the chamber with water wiping down the microtome with alcohol wiping down the microtome with alcohol
96.During microtomy, the knife digs into the tissue & tears out a chunk of the tissue block.Which of the following is NOT a possible cause? Tissue is loose in paraffin block Block is loose in block holder Knife is not secure Knife is dull and dirty Knife is dull and dirty
97Although a tissue section may be flawless,which of the following factors may render it undiagnosable? Tissue sections are poorly deparaffinized Coverslipping is flawed or slide is cracked Any or all of the above may hinder diagnosis of a tissue slide Any or all of the above may hinder diagnosis of a tissue slide.
98. Which aqueous infiltrating medium can be used to hold exudate or friable tissue in place? agar embedding Celloidin Paraffin Resin agar embedding
99. Since argentaffin and argyrophil granules are found in similar tissues, two stains (ie. Fontana Masson and Grimelius) must be done on same tissue to differentiate between carcinoid tumors. True False True
100. Natural dyes greatly outnumber synthetic dyes. True False False
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