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acid rain Rainwater with an acidic 5.6 ph. Acid rain will eat away a paint surface and cause pits
buffing window The short span of time a fresh urethane clearcoat can still be buffed easily
burns Paint defect caused by improper buffing technique. Excessive heat concentrated in a small area can cause the paint to burn or melt
color sanding Removal of surface defects prior to buffing. It is performed with very fine grits or sandpaper
compound The abrasive material used to cut away a very thin layer of paint and expose a smooth
compounding involves the use of an aggressive pad and a coarse abrasive to quickly remove paint defects such as sanding scratches
glaze applied to a paint surface after buffing and polishing. It will fill and hide swirl marks
orange peel A term used to describe an uneven surface texture. Literally looks like a the bumpy surface of an orange. The many small bumps distort light or any image reflected in the panel.
paintless dent repair Involves pushing out
polish A mildly abrasive product used to remove paint defects and bring the shine back to a faded finish
polishing A less aggressive buffing process intended to remove swirl marks made by compounding. Polishing involves the use of a less aggressive pad and a relatively fine abrasive.
pull/push method One of two methods of paintless dent repair. It requires pulling and pushing the tip of the rod against the dent while exerting delicate pressure
rub through The act of buffing too long in one location removes all the paint and exposes the undercoat. This is called rub through. It is a paint defect commonly found on edges
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