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NC DMV Top Questions

How much clearance space is required between you and the vehicle you are passing? *At least two feet. (pg.53)
When does the law say you are required to use your headlights? *From sunset to sunrise. *When visibility is 400 feet or less. (pg.74)
What type of auto insurance coverage must you have to drive a vehicle in North Carolina? *Liability coverage. (pg.16)
How long after moving to North Carolina are you required to obtain a driver's license? *60 days. (pg.22)
What is the penalty for the first suspension if your driver's license is suspended under the points system? *Your license will be suspended for 60 days. (pg.30)
What is the hand signal for a left turn? *Put left hand and arm straight out, keeping hand and arm still. (pg.70)
What should you do to signal an approaching vehicle to dim their headlights when driving at night? *Flash your high beams once. (pg.74)
What is the proper response to a blown tire? *Steer straight. *Take your foot off the gas, do not use brakes. (pg.79)
If you change your name or address, you must notify the DMV within how many days? *60 days. (pg.109)
At what Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) are you considered impaired? *.08 (pg.27)
True or false: If you are convicted of DWI while your license is revoked for an earlier DWI conviction, the court may order your vehicle seized and sold. *True. (pg.28)
Can coffee, fresh air, or a shower help you sober up enough to drive safely? *No, only time can do this. (pg.40)
What are the criteria to choose the best child safety seat? *It should be crash-tested. *It should fit in your car. (pg.42)
If you are driving on a two-lane roadway with a center turning lane, what are you required to do when a school bus stops for passengers? *All traffic in both directions must stop. (pg.45)
If you are driving on a two-lane roadway, what are you required to do when a school bus stops for passengers? *All traffic in both directions must stop. (pg.45)
When is it legal to drive on the left side of the road? *When passing another vehicle. *When turning left. (pg.49)
Unless posted, what is the speed limit in cities and towns? *35mph. (pg.50)
What is the correct way to navigate through a curve? *Slow before you enter the curve, so you don't have to brake in the curve. (pg.51)
The DMV suspend your driving license in which of the following situations? *Two convictions for speeding over 55 mph in one year. *One conviction for speeding over 75 mph. *A conviction for racing another vehicle. (pg.51)
All vehicles, regardless of direction of travel, must yield right of way to an emergency vehicle. When does this rule NOT apply? *This does not apply to vehicles traveling in the opposite direction of the emergency vehicle(s). *When travelling on a four-lane limited access highway with a center median. (pg.47)
What are some bad habits that could distract drivers from paying attention to the road and their surroundings? *Talking to passengers. *Driving while talking on the cell phone. *Driving while eating or drinking. *Changing radio stations or CD's. (pg.19)
What should you NOT do when stopped by a law enforcement officer? *Move around the vehicle. *Talk on cell phone. *Exit the vehicle. *Reach under the seats, open the glove box or the center console when the officer is approaching the vehicle. (pg.48)
It is unsafe and usually illegal to pass another vehicle in which of the following locations? *At marked intersections in rural areas. *On curves. *Whenever there is a double-solid yellow line. *At intersections. (pg.53)
When two cars are facing each other from opposite directions approaching an intersection without traffic signs or signals, which of the following statements are true? *If one car is going straight and the other is turning left than the car going straight has the right of way. *Both cars can move straight ahead. *Both cars can turn right. (pg.55)
In which of the following areas is parking NOT allowed? *Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant. *On the sidewalk. *On a bridge, overpass or tunnel. *In front of a doorway. (pg.55)
When are you allowed to cross railroad tracks when the gates are lowered? *It is ALWAYS unlawful to move through a railroad crossing when the gates are down. (pg.57)
What do flashing red lights on a crossbuck sign at a railroad crossing mean? *STOP (pg.58)
True or false: Driving on rural roads is less dangerous than driving in heavy city traffic. *False, speeds on rural roads may be higher making them more dangerous. *False, rural roads often do not have good lighting making them more dangerous. (pg.60)
If you must drive during heavy snow or fog, use your? *Low beam headlights. (pg.71)
Alcohol related highway deaths account for ____ % of all traffic fatalities. *38
If you accumulate 7 or more points on your traffic record you may... *Attend a Driver Improvement Clinic to deduct three points from your driving record. (pg.32)
The traffic conviction that adds the highest number of points (5) to your driving record is... *Passing a stopped school bus that is loading or unloading children. (pg.32)
"Secondary roads" are roads where... *Hills are more likely to be steeper and curves are likely to be more sharp
To have a revoked driver's license restored, you must... *Visit a driver license office, pay a restoration fee, and reapply for a license. (pg.37)
When three vehicles reach a 4-way stop at the same, the right of way belongs to... *The car on the right.
If a vehicle sways freely, leans heavily to one side during a turn or seems to bounce continuously, there may be a problem with the... *Suspension system.
If you experience a breakdown, you should... *Pull over to the side of the road and raise the hood of your car.
To maintain a safe driving distance between your car and the car in front of you, you should... *Use the two second rule.
If you are planning a long road trip, you should... *Stop and rest every 100 miles.
Before passing another vehicle, you should... *Look ahead to ensure that there is enough room for you to pass safely.
When driving down a very steep hill, you should... *Shift into a lower gear to control your speed.
If you run off the side of the road, you should... *Gradually take your foot off the gas pedal.
When travelling on rural highways, farm equipment usually... *Travels at its maximum speed of 15-20 mph.
If you are driving into a traffic circle you should... *Yield to cars already in the traffic circle.
If you are in a crash, you should... *Move your car off the road.
School buses are required to... *Stop at all railroad crossings.
In city traffic, you should... *Be alert for drivers who make quick stops.
Unless there is a sign indicating no turn on red, you can turn right on red... *After stopping and making sure that the turn can be made safely.
For any underage person who aids or abets another attempting to purchase any alcoholic beverage, the law requires... *A one-year driver license revocation.
Your license will be revoked immediately if your blood alcohol concentration is at least... *0.08 percent
When approaching a road that is blocked from view you should... *Stop and proceed with caution.
Defensive drivers check their rear-view mirror and side mirrors roughly... *Ever 10 seconds.
If going 45 miles per hour, how far ahead should you signal before turning? *200 feet.
If you plan to turn and are not in the proper lane to do so, you should... *Continue to the next intersection, then turn.
When driving behind someone... *You should not use your high beams.
To dry wet brakes... *Gently apply the brakes.
"Don't hang out in the No zone" refers to not being... *In trucker's blind spot.
When approaching a railroad crossing... *Slow down and prepare to stop.
If you pull up to a red arrow... *The turning lane is the only lane that should stop.
If you are a pedestrian walking alongside the road at night, you should... *Carry or wear something white.
Use high beams... *When driving on a highway and no car is approaching.
Slippery roads are most likely to occur when... *It has just begun to drizzle or rain.
When traveling behind a farm vehicle on a two-lane road... *Wait until the farm vehicle has the chance to pull over to the side, then pass with caution.
Large trucks (tractor trailers)... *Have large blind spots to the side and rear.
When preparing to make a right-hand turn... *Turn on your turn signal and approach the right-hand side of the road.
A "shoulder check" is... *A quick glance over your shoulder on the side in which you intend to turn or change lanes.
Should you maintain your speed or slow down when moving toward an exit ramp? *Do not slow down until you have moved onto the exit ramp. (pg.63)
Which of the following should you do if you enter the highway headed in the wrong direction? *Pull over to the shoulder, when the way is clear, turn around and head in the proper direction. (pg.63)
When are tires considered unsafe for the operation of the vehicle? *When they have visible tire separation. *When they are worn smooth. *When they have fabric showing. *When they are over inflated. (pg.67)
Who must accompany a driver with a learner's permit? *A licensed driver at least 21 years old.
What is the hand signal for stop or slow down? *Put left hand and arm down, keeping hand and arm still.
What should you so if a vehicle is following too closely behind you? *Move to another lane and signal the driver to pass you. (pg.71)
What should you do if your vehicle starts to hydroplane? *Ease your foot off the gas. *Steer straight. (pg.76)
Should you use your high beams when driving in foggy conditions? *Use low beams, they won't cause glare or reflection that could impair visibility. (pg.77)
What should you do if your brakes fail? *Apply the emergency brake. *Move into lower gear. (pg.78)
What does a flashing yellow traffic signal mean? *Slow down. *Proceed with caution. (pg.87)
When are you allowed to park in a handicap parking space? *You can park in a handicap space if your vehicle has a handicap license plate, tag or sticker. (pg.88)
What are green, brown or blue traffic signs used for? *Gives information about locations and distances. (pg.91)
True or false: You are allowed to use a center turning lane for passing? *False, you are NEVER allowed to use a center turning lane for passing. (pg.92)
What does the law say about bicyclists on roadways? *Bicycles are considered the same as motor vehicles. *Bicyclists must obey the same traffic laws as cars. (pg.95)
Which of the following is true about large trucks? *Trucks often appear slower because of their large size. (pg.97)
Which of the following is true about letting someone else operate your vehicle? *It is illegal for anyone without a valid driver's license to drive on the road or highway. (pg.8)
What should you do if a rear end collision seems likely? *Change lanes if you can do so quickly. *Press your head firmly against the head rest. *Speed up immediately to get out of the way. *Be ready to apply your brakes. (pg.83)
What should you do to control a vehicle in a skid? *Ease your foot off the gas. *As soon as the vehicle's path begins to straighten, steer in the direction you want to go when the car straightens. *Steer in the direction the rear of the vehicle is skidding. (pg.81)
What is NC "Fender Bender Law"? *Move your vehicle to the shoulder of the road following minor, non-injury crashes. (pg.68)
Which of these statements is true about driving and taking medications? *Most cold medications can make a person drowsy. (pg.39)
Who is required to wear seat belts? *The driver and all passengers in the vehicle are required to wear seat belts, regardless of air bags. (pg.41)
Can emotions affect your driving? *Yes, emotions like anger or depression can affect your driving. (pg.39)
Must you always drive at the speed limit? *No, the speed limit indicates how fast you're allowed to drive under favorable road conditions. *No, sometimes road conditions require you to drive slower than the posted speed limit. (pg.50)
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