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Drivers Ed

What color and shape is a "Regulation" sign? White rectangles with black lettering or symbols.
What is the usual color and shape of a "Warning" sign? Yellow and diamond shaped with black lettering or symbols.
What color and shape is a"Destination" sign? Green with white lettering.
What best describes what you must do at a "Stop"sign? Come to a full stop, Yield the right of way to vehicles and pedestrians in or approaching the intersection, go when it is safe.
What color and shape is a "Railroad Crossing" warning sign? Yellow and round shaped with black lettering and "X" symbol.
If two drivers approach an intersection from opposite directions at the same time, one going straight, the other turning left, which must yield the right of way? The driver turning left
If you enter an intersection to make a left turn, but oncoming traffic prevents you from making the turn right away, what should you do? All of the above (Yield to oncoming traffic, Keep wheels straight, Turn when safe, and Use turn signal)
Generally, when approaching a stopped school bus that is loading or unloading, which of the following should a driver who is behind the bus do? Stop, wait for the bus to unload and continue to follow behind the bus.
A motorist driving on a two-lane street sees a group of children playing ball near the side of the road. In this situation, the most appropriate procedure for the motorist to follow is? Reduce speed, cover the brake and show caution until the children have moved away from the road.
Before shifting a car with an automatic transmission from "Neutral" to "Drive", the driver should? Press his or her right foot on the brake.
Which of the following actions is appropriate when being tailgated? Pull off onto the shoulder of the road.
Which of the following is NOT a defensive driving strategy? HTS
If you are under 18, but at least 16 1/2, you must have had your learners permit in good standing for how long before applying for your license? 6 months
Which of the following types of over-the-counter medicines is most likely to impair a driver's ability by causing drowsiness? Antihistamines
What should you do if you hear a siren nearby, but you can't see where the emergency vehicle is? Pull over, stop and wait until emergency vehicle passes.
Does a vehicle approaching a traffic circle or rotary have the right of way over vehicles already in the circle? No. The vehicles in the circle have the right of way.
How many feet before a turn must you signal (City/Rural Roads)? 50 Feet
When preparing for a right turn, you should stay as close to the center point of your lane as possible? True
Where should you position your vehicle when preparing to make a left turn from a two way street into a one way street? 20 feet from the intersection.
In most situations, on which side should you pass another vehicle going in the same direction? It doesn't matter
What should you always do before passing another vehicle? Use directional signals.
In which situations may you pas a vehicle on the right? Passing on the right is never allowed.
What action should you take when another vehicle passes you on your left? Reduce your speed. Keep to the right.
If you are stopped by a police officer who believes you are driving under the influence, the officer has the right to ask you topreform a field sobriety test. This is known as? Massachusetts Implied Consent Law
Before pulling out of a parallel parking space, what should you do? All of the above (Back up to the vehicle behind you, Turn your wheels away from the curb, Turn your head and check for traffic, and Go forward slowly making sure you clear the vehicle ahead.)
Should you always look straight ahead when driving? Yest and Sometimes you have to glance over your shoulder.
How can you prevent fatigue on a long trip? All of the above (Plan rest stops every couple of hours, Open windows for fresh air, Stop for coffee, don't drive for at least 15 minutes after waking from sleep.)
How does drunk driving rank as a highway safety problem? Number one
What are the effects of alcohol on the skills you need to drive? Reduce all mental and physical skills needed.
Which of these drugs could affect your driving ability? All of the above (Marijuana, a cold remedy, tranquilizer)
If you are taking a non-prescription drug, what should you do before driving? Read the label to check for warnings, side affects and Ask your doctor or pharmacist.
What is likely effect of taking another drug while drinking alcoholic beverages? The affect could be multiplied.
What happens to your driver's license if you refuse a chemical test when stopped by the police? Your license is suspended or revoked.
What should you do if you miss an expressway exit? Get off at next exit.
What are expressway entrance ramps used for? All of the above (To accelerate up to expressway speeds, To accelerate and go as fast as you want, and A place to stop and look before entering the highway.
When should you signal that you are exiting an expressway? 500 Feet
What is the main reason night driving is more difficult than daytime driving? 90% of your driving decisions are based upon what you see and Night driving reduces the distance you can see ahead.
What should you do if high beam headlights from an approaching vehicle make it hard for you to see? Flash your high beams and Use road edge as a guide until it passes.
which way should you turn your steering wheel to get out of a skid? In the direction that you want your vehicle to go.
What should you do if one of your tires blows out? All of the above (Hold steering wheel straight, Ease off gas and get vehicle under control, and Get off road.)
What is the first thing you should do if your brakes fail? Throw the vehicle in reverse.
How can you identify a blind pedestrian to whom you must yield the right of way? All of the above (Use a guide dog, Metallic cane, and White cane.)
How should you approach bicyclists on the same road you are driving on? Treat them with extreme caution.
May motorcyclists ride three abreast (side by side) in a single lane? no, no more than two.
What type of sign is a "Railroad Crossing" sign? Warning
What does B.A.C. mean? Blood Alcohol Content
What type of sign is a "speed limit" sign? Regulatory
All drivers in Massachusetts will fail a chemical test if they have a blood alcohol Content of? 0.08 or greater
What pavement "markers" are used to show you which lane you must use for making a turn? Arrows
If you reach an uncontrolled intersection at the same time as a driver on your right, and both of you re going straight, who has the right of way? The other driver, as he or she is on your right.
What should you see in your rear view mirror before attempting to return to the right lane after passing a vehicle on the left? The front bumper of the vehicle you are passing.
Who must wear seat belts in Massachusetts? All passengers and the driver. All children 12 years of age or under must ride in federally approved child passenger seats.
What would you do when facing the following traffic signal? RED with green Arrow Stop, do not go until signal is green, but you may go in the direction of the arrow if the way is clear.
What does this type of lane marking mean? "Single broken" Passing permitted
What does a double solid line mean? You must stay in lane, no passing.
If a intersection has crosswalk lines, but no stop line, where would you stop for a red light? Before entering the crosswalk lines.
Which of the following must you obey over the other three? Police officer
When parking uphill with a curb, which way would you turn the steering wheel after pacing your vehicle in "Park"? Turn the steering wheel towards the center line of the road.
As a junior operator, you would be considered driving without a license if you were operation a motor vehicle between? 12:30 a.m. to 5 a.m,
What two important things should you always do before leaving the curb? Signal and check for traffic.
When the road is slippery, visibility is reduced, what should you do? All of the above (Slow down, Put on headlights, Select low beam headlights, and Signal well in advance on your own.
The very first effect of even a small amount of alcohol on a person's driving ability is a reduction of his or her? Good judgment
Yellow likes are used to separate? Lanes where traffic I moving in opposite directions.
Collisions are more likely to happen? When one driver is going faster or slower than the other drivers on the road.
Defensive driving means always being aware of what is on your right, your left and behind you? True
In Massachusetts, your vehicle must pass a safety and emissions test each year? True
It's a good idea to sound your horn when approaching a horse being ridden on the road edge? False
You may not park within 20 feet of a crosswalk or intersection? True
The general rule about making a U-turn is: You may make a U-turn if it can be done safely from the lane closest to the center line if the road? True
To register a vehicle in Massachusetts, you only need to show proof of insurance any payment of state sales tax? False
A flashing yellow light means proceed with caution through the intersection? True
An edge line that slants in toward the center of the road means the road is narrower ahead? True
The hand signal for stopping or slowing down is left arm out stretched? False
When entering a road from a driveway, you must sound your horn and accelerate? False
When cross traffic in the intersection keeps you from proceeding all the way though the intersection on a green signal, you should wait to enter until you can go all the way through it? True
It is always safe to drive at the posted speed limit? False
The purpose of minimum speed limits is to keep traffic flowing smoothly.? True
The speed limit fine is doubled if you are cited for speeding through a construction zone? False
It takes your body 45 minutes to dispose of the alcohol contained in 12 ounces of beer? False
The only effective way to reduce your B.A.C. is by eating some-thing greasy and drinking coffee? False
If an expressway entrance ramps is very short, you need to wait for a large gap in traffic and accelerate quickly after entering? True
Driving within the range of your headlights means you should be able to stop your vehicle within about 300 feet? False
It is best to keep your headlights on high beam in foggy conditions? False
If your wheels drift off the pavement, you should ease off the gas, brake gently and steer back onto the pavement? True
When children are nearby, you should get out and check behind the vehicle before backing out of the driveway? True
After leaving an expressway, you should check your speed and the local speed limits signs? True
A bicyclist must obey traffic laws and signs? True
Within five days of a car crash, you must complete and file a report with the R.M.V., the police department where the car crash happened and your insurance company? True
The "fundamental speed law" for motor vehicles is that you must never travel faster than is reasonable and proper for the current weather conditions and public safety? True
You may turn left on a red traffic signal only if you are turning from a one way street onto another one way street? True
You use a Center Turn Lane as a travel lane? True
The right of way is something you take, not give? False
At a "four way stop" vehicles must proceed in order they stopped? True
You do not have to stop for a school bus if the school bus has stopped on the other side of a divided highway with a barrier between travel directions? True
You must yield the right of way to a funeral procession until all vehicles in the procession have passed? True
A quick way to check your tire tread is to slide a penny into a tread groove. If you can see "Lincoln's" head , your tires are warn out? True
If you are given a citation for driving above the speed limit, the minimum pentalty is a $100 fine? True
If issued two license plates, you need only to display one of them? False
The highway transportation system is made up of three parts: Federal, state, and Local government? True
A person who cannot see well at angles to the left and right has difficulty with peripheral vision? True
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