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10 Point Commentary

QuestionAnswerWhy?Why - AnswerExplain
1: Clearing Intersections. 1: Clearing Intersections - Why? Keeps you alive at intersections. Approaching, turning, going through, or starting up at intersections look left to right checking for PBMVs, left again checking lane going into. Check your side mirrors. Left no one moves into my lane. Right after check to clear hazards.
2: When stopped in traffic. 2: When stopped in traffic - Why? Have an escape route. Leave one care space in front incase vehicle in front becomes disabled and I wont have to back up in traffic. Space given proportionate to the size of vehicle. Longer - more space.
3: Count 1-2-3 after vehicle ahead has started to move. 3: Count 1-2-3 after vehicle ahead has started to move - Why? Keeps you away from billboards. Establishes a space cushion and allows me to bring eyes up to scene.
4: 4-6 sec following distance under 30mph, 6-8 for speeds over 30mph. 4: 4-6 sec following distance under 30mph, 6-8 for speeds over 30mph - Why? Buys time. Calculated following distance in seconds . Gives time to react to any changes in driving. Choose stationary item and count 123~ until bumper has passed to measure.
5: 8-12 sec eye-lead time. 5: 8-12 sec eye-lead time - Why? Centers car in traffic lane. Maintained depth of vision where my eyes should be most of the time. My eye lead time in seconds. Pick stationary item-1-2-3~
6: Scan steering wheels. 6: Scan steering wheels - Why? Take path of least resistance. Check if car is occupied and if you need to make an evasive action if they exit car or enter traffic. If so small tap or loud blast to be heard. EX: steering wheels turned out, tail or brake lights on, and exhaust coming from the tail pipe.
7: Stale green lights. 7: Stale green lights - Why? Smooth stops and turns. Light you didn't see turn green nor do you know when it will change. Must establish decision point to stop on time or proceed smoothly and not accelerating. Road, load, weather, speed can effect.
8: Eye contact. 8: Eye contact - Why? Establishes eye to eye contact. Always use horn, light, or signals to establish eye contact with PBMVs incase uncertainty. Once contact established, can expect them to act predictably or reasonably.
9: Pulling from curb. 9: Pulling from curb - Why? Communicate in traffic. Horn, lights, signals. Always indicate intentions with signals when leaving curb. 3- L's - Left Blinker, Left flat/convex mirrors for traffic, over Left shoulder for blind spot. Don't deactivate signals until fully in lane.
10: Use of mirrors and gauges. 10: Use of mirrors and gauges - Why? Keeps eyes ahead of car. Check mirror every 5-8 seconds for lane position, traffic conditions, and mechanical problems. Can substitute a mirror check for oil/water gauges then back to front.
Created by: Whole_Bran
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