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Track Steering -4.05

Heavy Equipment Track Vehicle Steering

Steering Clutch and Brake Use independent control mechanisms to drive and brake each track independently for steering purposes.
Differential Steer Uses 3 planetary gear sets and a steering motor to drive one track faster than the other and accomplish turns.
Geared Steering Used on older Case equipment, essentially provided separate transmissions for the left and right track. Selecting a different gear for each track will cause the machine to turn.
Power Turn A turn accomplished with a track machine where both tracks continue to provide power and driving force.
Counter-rotate When a machine accomplishes a turn in a circle without moving forward or backward.
Steering Clutch Normally engaged clutch that transfers power to the final drives on each side of the machine.
Steering Brake Normally disengaged brake that slows and stops the track on one side of a machine.
Hydrostatic Steering Hydrostatic Transmission provides steering by driving each track independently with a hydraulic pump and motor combination.
Hydraulic Drive/Steering Similar system to hydrostatic steering that uses a hydraulic pump and motor, only it is not a closed loop system and the oil returns to the reservoir after traveling through the motor.
Steering Motor Used on differential steer equipment. The steering motor rotates one direction to create a left turn and the opposite direction for a right turn.
Brake Band Style of steering brake that uses a strap with friction material wrapped around the outside of a steel drum.
Friction Disc Disc coated with friction material that serves as one of the reaction discs in a steering clutch.
Steel Plate Steel Disc placed between friction discs in a steering clutch or brake assembly.
Wet Clutch Clutch assembly that operates in oil to improve cooling and friction performance.
Dry clutch Clutch assembly that operates in a dry housing with no lubricant.
Multi-disc brake Steering brake assembly made up of steel plates and friction discs to provide braking action.
Created by: jpmack
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