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air cap Directs airflow from the air horns into the liquid paint coming out of the center orifice.
air compressor Takes in air at atompheric pressure (14.7 psi) and raises it to pressures as high as 175 psi.
air hose It is connected to the air regulator and delivers air to the spray gun or air tool.
air makeup unit As shop air is drawn into the spray booth
air regulator Used to adjust/set discharge air at the desired pressure.
atomization The breaking up of liquid paint into tiny droplets.
baking The process of using heat in the paint booth to accelerate the rate-of-cure of fresh paint.
basement full downdraft spray booth Air enters through filters on the roof and exits throu gratings in the floor. There are two channels in the floor
blasting equipment Shoots an abrasive media against a metal surface to effectively remove paint and rust
block sanding A method of leveling out surface irregularities with a rubber sanding block and sandpaper.
blowgun A handy tool that uses air pressure to remove dust and moisture from the vehicle.
buffer Spins a wool or foam pad over a painted surface to rapidly remove surface imperfections and polish the paint to a high gloss
condensate The product of condensation.
cross-draft spray booth A style of paint spray booth where air travels over the vehicle and is vented out the other end of the booth.
desicant dryer The compressed air passes over a desiccant
discharge air pressure the product of the compression that takes place in the cylinder.
drive-through spray booth A spray booth with a door at each end. The vehicle enters through one end of the booth and exists through the other.
exhaust fan Pulls air in from outside the booth through intake filters
finish dual-action sander Also known as a finish DA sander
fluid tip Business end of a paint spray gun. It contains a porthole that allows the paint to exit the spray gun.
full downdraft spray booth A style of spray paint booth where air enters through filters on the roof
hazardous waste Shop waste contaminated with paint particles or other dust created during collision repair. Hazardous waste must be disposed of properly.
heat gun Will help in the removal of moldings and decals.
infared lamps Use heat to accelerate curing. The infrared energy excites molecules in the paint
infrared thermometer A tool used to determine the teperature of a heated panel or to check the surface teperature of curing paint.
masking equipment tools designed to quickly dispense masking materials
negative pressure movement Air
offspray Paint that bounces back transfer efficiency of a siphon-feed spray guy at the technician.
overspray Paint blown past the target.
paint mixing room A space set aside exclusively for mixing paint. the tints
paint shaker A mechanical device that thoroughly mixes paint components by vigorous shaking.
painting platform A low-rise aluminum scaffold designed to raise the painter high enough to access difficult to reach areas
panel positioner This device uses arms and chains to hold and orient the bumper cover in a way that duplicates its original position on the vehicle. Positioners are available for doors
piston air compressors Similar in design to an internal combustion engine
pit full downdraft spray booth A style of paint spraying booth that draws exhaust air underneath the vehicle and into a pit. One of two types of full down draft spray booths.
positive pressure movement A condition where the paint spray booth intake fan forces slightly more air into the booth than the exhaust fan pulls out. The excess air pushes out through cracks in the cabin walls and gaps in the doors
powder coating system A process that applies an electrically charged
prep station An area in the shop where the vehicle is readied for painting.
pressure relief valves These valves are set to release air from the compressor when an excessive air pressure level is reached.
pressure washer A tool that uses high-pressure stream of water to clean a vehicle before it enters the paint shop.
recycling air system A system that recovers discharged air and sends it back to the air compressor. The recovered air
refirgerator dryer A component of an air conditioning system that cools compressed air
rotary screw air compressors Type of air compressor that uses two rotors to trap and compress air.
rough DA sander A tool that can be used as a girnder or as a DA sander. Can be switched to a rough-mode specifically designed for the fast removal of excess material.
sanding block Hard rubber or soft foam blocks with provisions for attaching sandpaper. Used to find and repair high and low spots
sanding pad Softer than a sanding block
sanding pen A tool designed to reach into small
sanding stick A sanding stick has no give so it produces a flat
semi-downdraft spray booth Air travels in through the roof at one end of the booth and out the other end. The path causes air to move over and across the vehicle.
side downdraft spray booth This type of paint spray booth draws air through filters on the roof and blows it out through filters in the sidewalls.
side-load spray booth A type of paint booth where the vehicle is loaded into the booth through the side as compared to the front or back.
single-stage piston air compressor A type of compressor that draws air into a cylinder and a piston compresses the air in one stroke.
solvent recycler Device engineered to remove contaminants from used solvent.
spray booth An enclosed area in which vehicles are painted. It is designed to remove dangerous paint mist from teh surrounding air and protect the wet paint from outside contamination.
spray guns Use air pressure to break liquid paint into tiny droplets
spray gun cleaner An enclosed unit that pumps thinner throught the paint passesges of a spray gun.
two-stage piston air compressor Can produce higher pressures more efficiently than a single-stage piston air compressor. It compresses the same air twice in two different cylinders.
UV dryers Do not use or produce heat. They porduce UV radiation.
vacuum system Consists of a central vacuum unit
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