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attachment or hookup
blind picking Technique of using a body hammer on the backside of a damaged panel to bring up a low spot
bulls-eye pick A specialty body hammer designed to allow the picking (raising and smoothing) of low spots on sheet metal
chasing the dent A situation where attempts to repair the panel fail. Instead
displaced metal Undamaged metal held out of position by buckles or arrowheads
double fold More than one buckle located close together caused by longitudinal forces
false stretch A bulge in a body panel that pops in when pressed and pops back out when released. Also known as oil can
filing the use of a file at an angle to identify high and low spots on a panel
hookup Devices used to attach the pull to the damage. They must be stronger than the pull or the damage
kinking A metal shrinking technique that does not use heat. Involves the use of a shrinking hammer or a sharp pick hammer to reduce the surface area by gathering the metal together.
leveling the raising of low areas and the lowering of high areas. The dolly pushes up on the low areas as the hammer taps on the high areas
lift reaction During a pull
low spot A condition that describes damaged sheet metal that is below level
mechanical adhesion A form of bonding during which the adhesive material physically locks into crevices of the surface
metal finishing The removal of highs and lows by picking and filing after the roughing process is complete
one-sided repair A repair where only the outside of the panel is worked. This type of repair is performed when the damaged panel is boxed or if accessing the back side of the panel is difficult
picking A hammer technique that raises small lows and lowers small highs. Both sides of the panel must be accessible for picking
raising A process of bringing low areas of body damage level with surrounding
shock force corrective force
shrink fence A line of small kinks made with a sharp pick hammer. The _______________ tightens floppy metal in the low-crown area
shrinking The act of decreasing the surface area of metal during repair. There are two types: hot and cold
stretch An increase in the surface area of a metal panel. A condition where the steel grains have been thinned
stretching Increasing the surface area of metal is called ________________. ___________________ can restore the original dimensions to the damaged panel.
tension The force used to straighten damaged frames and sheet metal components.
two-sided repair A repair where both sides of the panel are worked. Access to the back side of the panel is required in a two-sided repair
upset A reduction in surface area. The metal's grains have been shortened
warp damage A collection of high and low areas in a panel. Uncontrolled use of heat on a low-crown panel will cause ___________________.
high spot A condition that describes damaged sheet metal that is above level
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