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adhesives are used to bond certain replacement steel panels in place
air chisel makes quick
air file used to sand filler. There are two basic types: straight-line and orbital
air punch/ flanger can be used to cut 5/16" diameter holes along the edge of a panel
air saw a power hacksaw
alignment bar a tool used to position panels. The bottom bar has a foot
body chisel This tool is used to raise a damaged body line. The ____________ is placed on the damaged body line and hit with a hammer.
body fillers are used to fill shadow dents in panels that cannot be removed by straightening techniques
body hammers used to move damaged sheet metal back to its original contour
bull's eye pick can make raising low spots much easier. The tool's bull's eye is placed on the outside of the panel
catalyst Polyester resin is a thick liquid that changes to a solid when mixed with a ___________________
come-along a cable-tensioning device attached to a strong base that can be used to lengthen a panel
cut-off tool This air tool spins a fiber cut-off wheel
dollies solid steel blocks that have various crowned surfaces
door skin replacement tool takes away much of the hammer-and-dolly labor and minimizes the chances of damaging the new door skin
draw pin welder is used when making a one-sided panel repair
electric shears can be used to cut metal. They are easy to control and make precise cuts
floor pots are anchors embedded in the floor
friction jack also called a push-pull jack or a monkey on a stick
grinder used to remove metal and paint. A _______________ spins a coarse abrasive disk at 5
hand punch used in plug-welded panel replacements makes 5/16" diameter holes
hydraulic power set low areas can often be pushed out using this
long boards can be used to sand filler on both low-crown and high-crown surfaces
metal files are used to identify high and low areas in a panel
mixing board are designed to be used when mixing body filler
orbital sander also known as a mud hog
panel flanger can be used to make flanges
power post serves as a base for a come-along
pry picks (often simply called picks) are designed to be inserted inside a panel to raise low spots
rod welder can be used to raise a low spot very quickly. The _____________ welds a rod to the low area and is then attached to a slide hammer
sanding blocks are used to sand body filler
sanding stick is a tool that should be used to final sand filler. The _____________ is simply a flat paint stick wrapped in sandpaper.
sandpaper abrasive -coated paper or cloth used for preparing a vehicle's body for painting.
shrinking increasing the surface area of metal
slide hammer is useful for adjusting panels and raising damage
spoon used to spread out the force of a hammer blow
spot weld cutters use to drill spot welds. Always keep the cutter bit at right angle to panel
spreader mixed filler is applied with a _________________________
stretching restores the original dimensions to the damaged panel by decreasing the surface area of metal during repair
surform tool When filler has been partially cured
UV light light energy in the invisible ultraviolet spectrum
weld-on plate can be used to pull a body line or panel edge. One end is MIG welded to the damaged body line or panel edge. The other end has a ridge to accept a clamp
picks These tools are designed to be inserted inside a panel to raise low spots.
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