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auto-darkening helmet eliminates welding mask visibility problems because the shade is clear when the arc is struck. The technician can see the work-piece before beginning to weld. Once the arc is struck
bead a deposit of filler metal from a single welding pass
brazing a process for joining similar or dissimilar metals using a filler metal. Brazing differs from welding in that brazing does not melt the base metals.
butt joint a welding joint where the width of the gap between panels is equal to the thickness of each panel
butt joint with an insert a joint where panels are aligned edge to edge with another panel. An insert is positioned below the joint to connect and reinforce the panels. Panels are welding to the insert and then the gap between the panels is stitch welded
contact tube component that screws into the end of the MIG welding gun and establishes a good electrical connection between the gun and the welding wire
continuous weld an uninterrupted weld bead
duty cycle the length of time
electrode extension the length of the wire protruding from the welding gun's contact tube. Also known as a stickout
fit up panels to be lap welded must be tightly fitted
flux-cored arc welding hollow welding wire with a flux core. The heat of the welding process vaporizes the flux
flux-cored wire hollow welding wire with a flux core. The heat of the welding process vaporizes the flux
gun orientation the angle at which the welding gun is held at in relation to the workpiece. The type of weld being made determines gun orientation
lap joint describes the bonding of one panel that is positioned on top of another. The edge of the top panel is welded to the bottom panel
melt through A hole burned through the work piece. Occurs when the heat from the weld melts away from the base metal
metal inert gas welding a welding process which joins metals by heating them with an electric arc. Also called MIG welding
nozzle directs shielding gas flow from the welding wire
penetration the depth of base metal melting during the welding process.
plug welds a weld made through a hole in one piece of metal that is lapped over another solid piece or metal
push-pull wire feeder also known as a spool gun
resistance welding a type of welding that uses the resistance of the workpiece to the flow of electrical current to produce enough heat to melt panels together
rosebud tip an attachment for an acetylene torch that is used to heat steel. It is designed to spread out the heat of the frame
shade a glass lens on a welding helmet that filters out harmful infrared and ultraviolet light
skip welding In this welding method
slag the nonmetallic layer that forms on top of molten metal
spatter the hardening remains of molten metal that is thrown about during the welding process
spot weld A factory spot weld is made by clamping the panels together between two electrodes. An electric current passes from one electrode to the other
stick out Electrode extension
stitch weld A short
temperature crayon A temperature measuring tool. It melts when a specified temperature has been reached. Temperature crayons are available in various melting temperatures.
TIG welding different from wire-feed welding in that consumable filler material is a rod that is added to the weld by hand
travel direction the direction in which the welding gun is moved when making the weld.
travel speed The rate at which the welding gun moves
weld bonding a combination of adhesive and squeeze-type resistance spot welding
weld nugget A spot weld is a small fused area
weld puddle The molten metal produced while the weld is being made. It can be made from melting the parent metal alone
weld-through primer A zinc-rich primer formulated to be applied over panels that are overlapped and then welded. This product protects areas that cannot be painted
MIG welding a welding process which joins metals by heating them with an electric arc; also known as metal inert gas welding
tungsten inert gas welding different from wire-feed welding in that consumable filler material is a rod that is added to the weld by hand
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