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grains are formed by the crystalline pattern of the metal and alloy molecules
elasticity is the ability of a metal to bend without permanent deformation
elastic deformation metal with ______________ will return to its original position if the force holding the metal out of position is removed
plasticity is the ability of a metal to be shaped
plastic deformation If the applied force moves the metal beyond its yield point
bend the difference between a bend and a buckle is that a _______ is purposely put into the part when the part is manufactured
buckle this is caused by impact force
work hardening When a change in grain structure increases the strength of metal in the bend area
body line is a styling line in a hood
crown the curvature of a panel. There are four basic types
combination crown means that a panel has at least two types of crown (high and low)
force can be defined as any action between two objects that changes their relative condition as to motion or rest
yield point the minimum amount of force required to case a permanent change in grain arrangement
longitudinal force force applied from one end
simple rolled buckles simple folds on sheet metal
collapsed-hinge buckle distortion that takes place on the fold
lateral force force applied from the side
arrowhead a buckle that becomes work hardened and resistant to force
inertia the tendency of an object to remain at rest or to remain in motion
inertia damage an upward deflection of the rear section may cause a buckle in the roof at a pivot point
target the object a vehicle collides with is called a ___________
impact angle another collision factor to be considered when an accident occurs
surface area of impact another collision factor to be considered when an accident occurs
vehicle height the last collision factor to be considered
direct damage damage that occurs at the point of contact during a collision
indirect damage occurs away from the point of impact and is a result of the direct damage
upset the compression of the grains
bend-versus-kink rule states that damaged high-strength steel parts can be repaired if they are bent but must be replaced if they are kinked
kink has a buckle that is 90 degrees in a short area
kickup when a frame moves up due to a collision
sag when a frame moves down due to a collision
mash the change in frame length due to a collision
sidesway the lateral movement of rails
diamond when the frame rails and cross members in the center section of the vehicle no longer form a rectangle
twist if the frame rails under the cab are not level with each other
dent a buckle forms and the surface area of the metal permanently increases
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