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Adjusters People who determine the value of what was destroyed or damaged by fire or other loss
Aftermarket parts Non original equipment made by a manufacturer other than the auto maker
Auto recycler Purchase damaged
Auto salvage yard Buys wrecked vehicles and sells parts
Block sanded A method of leveling out surface irregularities with a rubber sanding block and sandpaper
Body shop estimates Written account of what a collision repair will include and how muc it will cost in materials and labor
Body technician A person who repairs the body of a damaged vehicle
Claim When an insured person suffers a loss and reports this loss to the insurance company
Claim center A location where an insured can go to and make a claim. (Can be online)
Combination technicians Performs all types of repairs on damaged vehicles
Comprehensive insurance Insurance coverage that helps pay for losses due to theft
Deductible The part of the repair cost that the customer pays out-of-pocket
Detailer A person who carefully cleans repaired vehicles before delivery. Detailers may also apply decals and buff paint
Detailing The systematic rejuvenation and protection of the various surfaces of a vehicle
Direct repair agreement An arrangement between a collision repair shop and an insurance company
Estimator A person who inspects collision damaged vehicles and then prepares time
Franchise body shop A right given to an individual or group to market a company's goods or services within a certain territory or location (Maaco)
General automotive repair technician Makes mechanical repairs to damaged vehicles such as replacing air conditioning
Independent body shop A stand alone operation that is generally owned by one or two individuals
Insurance adjustor A person who determine the value of the property destroyed or damaged by a covered hazard
Inter-industry Conference on Auto Body Repair (I-CAR) An international nonprofit organization that trains professionals based on technical programs developed by the organization to reach all branches of the collision industry
Liability insurance Insurance that pays for bodily injury and property damage
Mechanical aptitude The ability to understand and use machines and tools
NATEF task list List standards that a collision repair training program must teach in order to receive NATEF accreditation
National Automotive Technical Education Foundation (NATEF) An independent nonprofit organization that evaluates technician training programs
National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) This nonprofit group works to improve the quality of vehicle repair and service by testing and certifying automotive professionals
Nonproduction jobs Involves tasks that support production jobs such as writing estimates and obtaining parts. In production
Production job The employee performs the actual repairs
OEM parts Original equipment parts. Parts made by the manufacturer of the original part.
Office manager Supervises the estimator and parts personnel. Responsible for releasing the repaired vehicle
Paintless dent repair technician Involves pushing out
Roughing out Removing extraneous material from a carving surface prior to refining
Splicing A repair technique where the damaged portion of a panel is removed and only a portion of the full replacement panel is installed
Straightened To take out the curves
Topcoat What you see when you look at the vehicle. Must be extremely durable
Total Loss A loss that exists when the cost to repair a damaged vehicle (or other property) equals or exceeds the value of the vehicle.
Undercoat A coloring (opaque) applied to an area which
Used parts rebuilt (reconditioned) parts
Wrecker operator This person must have good people skills and knowledge of how to recover and tow vehicles
Automotive paint store employee This person sells paint and supplies to body shops
Dealership body shops Collision repair services offered at a dealership and often perform warranty work
Original equipment manufacturer Parts that are made by the vehicle manufacturer or by the same company that supplied the part to the factory when the vehicle was built
Paint jobber Also known as an automotive paint store employee
Painter This person must be proficient in spray gun usage
Parts person Responsible for ordering parts and supplies
Plastic body filler Applied to the surface of the damaged panel to achieve the proper contour
Production manager Responsible for keeping work flowing through the shop
Rebuilders Technicians who buy
Refinish technician This person must be proficient in spray gun usage
Shop foreman Responsible for ordering parts
Shop owner In charge of the shop. May be a technician or solely focused on the business
Specialty shops Shops that include restoration
Structural technician This person diagnoses and repairs structural damage
Tear down Dismantling a vehicle to replace parts and access hidden damage
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