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US History T 4

Abeka US History Test 4

Year that Congress passed a protective tariff at Madison's request. 1816
His election marked the beginning of "The era of Good Feelings." James Monroe
Upheld the the idea of implied powers. McCulloch Vs. Maryland
Author of the "Bonus Bill." John C. Calhoun
Meeting of European nations that threatened to help Spain reclaim her lost Latin-American colonies. Congress of Vienna
Secretary of state at the time of the Monroe doctrine. John Quincy Adams
Winner of the "favorite sons" election. John Quincy Adams
Year that Congress passed the "Tariff of Abominations." 1828
Known as old Hickory Andrew Jackson
Native American group that suffered on the "Trail of Tears." Cherokee
Helped Jackson attack the national bank. Roger Taney
Organized to resist the policy of Andrew Jackson. Whig Party
Elected president in 1832. Andrew Jackson
Resigned from Vice Presidency of the United States. John C. Calhoun
Area that took the lead in the suffrage movement. North
The United States had strained relations with this country as a result of the Caroline incident. England
Settled the boundary dispute between British Canada and the United States. Webster-Ashburton Treaty
Sent by John Wesley to America to train circuit riding preachers. Francis Asbury
Best known evangelist of the second great awakening. Charles Finney
Movement that began with the "Haystack Prayer Meeting." American foreign missions
Considered the father of American missions Adoniram Judson
Civic organization founded to evangelize and assist young men. YMCA
Leader of American Transcendentalism Ralph Waldo Emerson
Invaded Florida to protect America against against attack. Andrew Jackson
Agreement with Britain to disarm the great lakes. Rush-Bagot Treaty
Parallel line which divided the slave and free areas of the Louisiana Purchase. 36°30'
"The Union, next to our liberty most dear." John C. Calhoun
Year that the nullification controversy was settled. 1833
Served the shortest term as President. William Henry Harrison
"War" fought as a result of the dispute over Maine's border with Canada. Aroostook War
The buying of land with the intention of selling it at a profit. Speculation
First President to die in office. Harrison
Started over 1,300 Sunday Schools in the Mississippi Valley. Stephen Paxson
The famous slogan for the Whigs in 1840. "Tippecanoe and Tyler, too"
Jackson's second Vice President. Martin Van Buren
The order that all payment for government lands would be made in gold or silver. Specie Circular
Added to the Union as part of the Missouri compromise. Maine
Pioneered the camp meeting revival. James McGready
Elected President in 1820. James Monroe
President who began the use of the spoils system on the federal level. Andrew Jackson
Upheld the doctrine of implied powers. John Marshall
Proposed the "American System." Henry Clay
Wrote Exposition and Protest of South Carolina. John C. Calhoun
Hero of Battle of New Orleans. Andrew Jackson
President during the "Era of Good Feelings." James Monroe
Great orator who opposed sectionalism. Daniel Webster
Favorite son from Georgia. William Crawford
States' rights orator. Robert Hayne
Founded commune of New Harmony. Robert Owen
Founded Five Points Mission. Phoebe Palmer
Improved conditions for the mentally ill. Dorothea Dix
President elected in 1840. William Henry Harrison
Campaigned for women's rights. Lucretia Mott
Missionary to Liberia. Lott Carey
President elected in 1824. John Quincy Adams
Agreement that Spain would cede all of Florida to the United States. Adams-Onis Treaty
A federal government road that connected Maryland to Virginia. Cumberland Road
The right to vote. Suffrage
Applied for a recharter of the national bank during Jackson's Presidency. Nicholas Biddle
"Father of Western Africa Missions." Lott Carey
"Father of American missions." Adoniram Judson
First ambassador to Japan. Townshend Harris
The year that the first group of American missionaries went to Hawaii. 1820
Created by: SapphireValeran
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