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US History T 3

Abeka US History Test 3

1492 Columbus discovered America
1497 John Cabot explored the North American coast
1517 beginning of the Protestant Reformation
1588 Spanish Armada defeated
1607 Jamestown founded
1619 House of Burgesses established
1620 Plymouth founded
1733 Savannah founded
1774 First Continental Congress
1765 Stamp Act Congress
1775 Lexington and Concord
1783 Treaty or Paris signed
Aaron Burr former Vice President that became involved in a conspiracy to create his own empire in the American Southwest
Alexander Hamilton the first secretary of the treasury; helped establish the national bank; followers were called Federalists
Alexis de Tocqueville French thinker that wrote "Democracy in America"
Anthony Wayne courageous general who defeated the Indians at the Battle of Fallen Timbers
Battle of New Orleans battle that was fought after the War of 1812 was officially over
Battle of Saratoga turning point for the War for Independence
Bill of Rights composed of 10 Amendments
Constitution of the United States the supreme law of the land
Daniel Shays the farmer who led a rebellion in Massachusetts
Edmond Genet tried to gain support for the French during the French Revolution
Edmund Randolph the first attorney general
Embargo Act piece of American legislation virtually cut off all trade with Europe
Enumerated term for the powers given to the federal government
Francis Marion known as the "Swamp Fox"
General Cornwallis British general that surrendered to General Washington at Yorktown
Great Compromise established that the national government would have two houses
Harvard school of higher learning that was the first to be established in British North America
Henry Knox first secretary of war
Hernando Cortes conquered the Aztecs
Hernando de Soto discovered the Mississippi River
Isaac Backus a leading Baptist minister
James Madison "Father of the Constitution"; helped Jefferson write the Kentucky and Virginia Resolution
James Oglethorpe founded Georgia
James Otis a colonial lawyer who spoke out against the Sugar Act
Jamestown first permanent English settlement in the New World
John Dickinson Pennsylvania statesman who helped author several famous documents
John Eliot translated the Bible into the language of the Algonquin Indians
John Jay first chief justice of the Supreme Court
John Locke an English philosopher
John Marshall chief justice who established judicial review
John Paul Jones native of Scotland that said, "I have not yet begun to fight"
John Peter Zenger his trial established freedom of the press in the colonial period
John Rolfe introduced the raising and curing of tobacco at Jamestown
Jonathan Edwards a Great Awakening preacher
Legislative branch duty is to pass laws
Lewis and Clark two men who explored Louisiana between 1804 and 1806
Lord Baltimore founded Maryland
Louisiana Purchase $15 million
Marbury vs. Madison Supreme Court decision that involved last-minute judicial appointments
Mary Ludwig earned the name "Molly Pitcher" at the Battle of Monmouth
Mercantilism theory that the colony existed only for the benefit of the mother country
Nathanael Greene General that was known as the "Fighting Quaker"
Plymouth New England settlement that used the Mayflower Compact as its basis for self-government / the settlement that became the model for the future settlement and growth of America
Ponce de Leon made the first Spanish landing on the mainland of North America
Quartering Act forced the American colonists to house British soldiers
Rhode Island the last state to ratify the Constitution
Richard Henry Lee proposed the resolution for Independence
Roger Williams founded Rhode Island
Samuel Osgood first postmaster general
Stephen Decatur best-known hero of the Tripolitan War
Thomas Hooker founded Connecticut
Thomas Jefferson elected President in 1800; appointed by Washington to be the first secretary of state; followers were known as Democratic Republicans
Treaty of Ghent treaty that ended the War of 1812
Vasco da Gama sailed around Africa to India
William Henry Harrison won the battle of Tippecanoe
Yorktown final battle of the War for Independence
Zebulon Pike was arrested by the Spanish while exploring southwest Louisiana
Created by: SapphireValeran
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