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Socail 33

Definitions - Global Interactions

Loyalty to a nation Allegiance
Great Britain, Soviet Union, and USA Allied Powers
Political Union of Austria with Germany in 1938 Anschluss
Defensive missiles that detect and destroy incoming offensive weapons Anti- Ballistic Missiles
Pacifying or making undue concessions to satisfy the demands of someone with a greed for power Appeasement
Alliance of Germany, Italy, Japan before and during WW2 Axis Power
Lithiuania,Latvia and Estonia. Baltic States
Germany,Austria-Hungry,Turkey and Bulgaria Central Powers
practice of manuvering a dangerous situation to the limits oftolerance or saftey Brinkmanship
Manitaining a military force strong enough to discourage an enemy attack Deterrence
Conventional Weapons Non-Nucleur Weapons
Relaxation of international tension in the 1970's between USA and USSR Detente
Extermination of a race of people Genocide
Communication link set up after the Cuban missile crisis between Washington and Moscow to reduce accidental nucleur war. Hot Line
A nation having the desire to control another nations territory for economic or political gain. Imperialism
Churchills Imaginary Line that divided communist for noncommunist countries in Eastern Europe. Iron Curtain
Foriegn Policy of not formingalliances nor interacting with them Isolationism
Additional territory desired by a nation Lebensram
Agreement for the USA to supply war materials to Great Britain before the USA entries WW2 Lend-Lease
Heavy fortied defense line built by France in 1921 along German Border Maginot Line
Territories given by the League of Nations to the Allied powers to administer until they were capable of independence Mandate
Attitude of the united States that the North America was theirs to Rule Manifest Destiny
Recovery program proposed by USA in 1947 to aid war torn nations in economic recovery and reconstruction Marshall Law
Southest Asia west of Pakistan and India Middle East
Powerful states but lesss military that super powers(CANADA) Middle Power
USA policy that stated they were not preparded to allow any outside nations inerfere in the west Hemisphere Monroe Doctrine
theory that assues nucleur war would be disatrous for both combatants Mutually Assured Destruction - MAD
Strong devontions to one conutry often with the desire to acquire freedom from outside control Nationalism
Refers to the desire of a nation to be thought of favorably National Prestige
Korea,China,Japan, Taiwan and North America Pacific Rim Contries
Loyalty to one country often requiring some form of sacrifice. Patriotism
Increase and spread of weapons Proliferation
revolt and uprising especailly one thats depends upon suddenness and speed. Putsch
Independant and free from external authority or influence Sovereign
space shield to be used from ballistic missile attack Strategic Defense Initiative SDI
Joining with other nations to achieve common goals at the expensive of some loss of sovereignty Supranationalism
exteme nationalisn sacrificing fairness and justice Ultranationalism
Policy by President Truman in 1947 to promise to aid nations threatened internally or externally by communism Truman Doctrine
the section of the versailles treaty which ascribed the blame for starting WW1 to Germany War Guilt Clause
Conditions for peace issued by the united States president upon their entry to WW1 Wilson's Fourteen Points
Agengy of the United Nations that deals world food problems dedicated to improve farming throughout the world Food and Agriculture Organization - FAO
Loose economy of Britain,Norway,Denmark,Austria,Switzerland,Swedan and Portugal European Free Trade Assciation - EFTA
promote human rights around the world especailly the right of political prisonors Amnesty International - AI
International organization formed in 1947 to promote freer trade and reduce tarrifs GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
Established in 1920 as a collective organizationfor peace but did not include all major powers nor posses effective means of enforcing its decisions League of Nations
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement
Military alliance formed with the goal to stop communist expansion NATO - North American Free Trade Agreement
NORAD North American Air Defense
SEATO South East Asia Treaty Organization
UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Formed in 1882 included Germany, Austria -Hungry and Italy Triple Alliance
Formed in 1907 between Britain, France and Russia Triple Entente
COmmunist military alliance from 1955 to collapse Eastern Europe in 1989 - Included USSR, East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania Warsaw Pact
WHO World Health Organization
Churchill and Roosevelt formed the joint arms in their 2 contries. Atlantic Charter
signed by most industrailized nations - renounced war as an instrument of foreign policy Kellog-Braind Pact
banning sending nucleur weapons into outer space or into the earth orbit Outer Space Treaty
Stategic Arms Limitation Treaty - agreements of disarment between USA and USSR SALT 1
the treaty between the Allied powers and the German Republic after WW1 Treaty of Versailles
Set total reparations for Germany at $8 Billion to be paid in 60 installments Young Plan
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