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Louisiana's Culture

Louisiana's Culture - Week of Nov 2-6

What is a group's way of life, or how they do things? Culture
What is an accepted way of doing something or behaving that is special to a certain group? Customs
What are activities repeated on a regular basis - for example, ways holidays are celebrated every year? Traditions
What is a tradition celebrated with parades and costumes? Mardi Gras
Why does Mardi Gras have many different Krewes and styles of parades? Many cultures want to be a part of Mardi Gras.
How did African slaves change Louisiana? They grew and farmed rice, which became a part of most of Louisisna's meals (such as stews ).
What caused the creation of Zydeco music? Cajuns introduced the accordian.
How did the Spanish contribute to rebuilding New Orleans after several fires? The Spanish helped rebuild the city and added ironwork to the French Quarter buildings, such as iron railings on balconies.
Why does Louisiana have a unique culture? People from mnay different places settled in Louisiana and added their own culture to the mix of Louisiana.
What does it mean to be unique? Special and different that any other
What is something that people believe in? Values
What type of music is New Orleans known for? Jazz
How was Jazz music born? It's a mixture of several types of music blended into one unique stye.
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