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Virginia Studies SOL 4

What do we call a crop that is grown to sell rather than being used by the farmers? Cash Crop
The English and Africans settled primarily in what regions? Piedmont & Coastal Plains
What was the Virginia colony's economy dependent on? Agriculture
What was the most profitable agricultural product? Tobacco (It was often used as money!)
Who was most of the tobacco sold to? The English
What did the successful planting of tobacco depend on? Reliable and inexpensive labor.(from slaves)
When people settle an area they change the landscape to reflect what? 1beliefs 2customs 3) architecture
Examples of the setttlers cultural landscape were? The building of barns and places of worship (churches).
The Germans and Scotch-Irish settled primarily in what region? Shenendoah Valley (Valley & Ridge)
Why did the Africans settle in the Piedmont and Coastal Plains areas? They were needed for the agricultural labor.
American Indians (First Americans) were primarily in what 3 regions? Peidmont, Coastal Plain, & Appalachian Plateau
What word do we use to describe when people move from one place to another? migration
How did the culture of the peoples living in America change? The different people influenced each other's culture.
What did migration and living in new areas cause people to do? It caused people to adapt their old customs to their new environment.
What was wrong with the drinking water in Jamestown? Salt water had seeped into the fresh water supply.
Diseases in Jamestown were caused mainly from ____?____. Dirty living conditions.
What was a good about Williamsburg's location? It had a higher elevation. (Protected it from flooding.)
What happened to the wooden buildings of Jamestown? They burned in a fire.
When did the move from Jamestown to Williamsburg take place? 1699
When did the move from Williamsburg to Richmond take place? 1780
Why did the move from Williamsburg to Richmond take place? 1) Population was moving westward 2) Central location for travel and trade 3) Farther away from English attack
Why was Richmond a good location to defend? It was farther inland, which made it harder for the English to attack
What is the trading of goods and services instead of money called? Barter
___?___ is the buying of goods and services now, but paying for it later. Credit
When a good or service is owed to another it is called? Debt
Why was barter and credit used instead of money? There were no banks in Virginia.
What word describes money that takes the form of coins or bills? Currency
What is it called when you put away money to spend at a later date? Savings
Created by: agwoodrow
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