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F&IW Vocabulary 1

French and Indian War Vocabulary List 1

John Locke English democratic philosopher who believed in people’s rights and self government
Thomas Hobbes English philosopher who said men aren’t born with rights and are naturally evil;and needed to be controlled by a king
Great Awakening Religious revival in the 1730s-1740s that makes a “return to God” after generations in America
Princeton/Rutgers Minister universities that emerge b/c of the Great Awakening
Iroquois League Confederation of 5 Northern/N.E. Indian tribes
King William’s ,Queen Anne’s War,King George’s (1689-1748) 3 European wars that spill into the colonies btwn Brit, France, & Spain
Albany Plan of Union (1754) Rejected plan to create a mutual defense between colonies
Land Speculators People that buy western land who start to encroach on Indian territory
Fort Duquesne French fort where Washington and Braddock are defeated
French and Indian War (Seven Years’ War) (1754-1763) 1 st real world war fought between Britain and France and their possessions
Balance of Power Idea that no one European country would be allowed by others to get too powerful
Edward Braddock British general in charge of all forces in North America
George Washington Young colonial general fighting for the British during F&IW
Guerilla Warfare Sneak attack warfare perfected by the Indians
William Pitt (the Elder) British politician (main political leader during the war) who goes broke to win the F&IW (1756-1761)
James Wolfe British general in charge @ Quebec who dies in the battle
Battle of Montreal (1760) Last battle of the F&IW
Treaty of Paris 1763 Treaty that ends the F&IW
Pontiac’s Rebellion Indian king who led a rebellion against colonists who went to the frontier
Proclamation Line of 1763 King set line @ Appalachian Mountains to prevent & protect colonists from frontier/Indians
King George III English tyrant king during F&IW and American Revolution
George Grenville (Chancellor of the Exchequer) Finance treasurer of England who taxed colonists to help pay for the F&IW (began the process)
Deficit Amount you are short in revenue per year
Debt Obligation to pay amount of deficits added up over time
Created by: Aiyannah
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