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How were old immigrants different from the new immigrants? Old immigrants- Protestants and Catholics/ New Immigrants- many different religious backgrounds
Immigrants traveling across the Atlantic Ocean often traveled in_______. Steerage
Where did old immigrants mainly come from? Northern and Western Europe
What was the main source of problems that big cities faced in immigrant neighborhoods in the early 1900s? There were too many people living in a small area
How did the population distribution of the US change during the late 1800s and early 1900s? More people moved to big cities
How did immigrants to the US adapt to their new life? They formed benevolent societies
How did immigration patterns change in the US during the late 1800s? More immigrants cam from Asia
Why did reformers take on the task of helping the urban poor? They wanted to improve living conditions
Trying to adopt American beliefs and fit into the American culture is called_______. Assimilation
Who ran Hull House? Jane Adams
What was the purpose of settlement houses? to help immigrants adjust to life in a new country and learn the new language
Who was the photographer who exposed how immigrants were living? Jacob Riis
Where did people move to as cities became overcrowded? The suburbs
Why was the development of the steel industry necessary to the rise of skyscrapers? Steel was strong and cheap
Why did farmers who went to work in the factory find their new situation to be so difficult? They no longer worked for themselves
Frederick Law Olmstead is famous for designing what place? Central Park
Who were the two most famous newspaper publishers of the time? Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst
What is an example of mass transit? an elevated train
Why did immigrants like living in the same neighborhood as others from their own country? It helped them feel at home
Immigrants moving into the cities often lived in______. tenements
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