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Plessy v. Ferguson Who’s in which the Supreme Court ruled that segregated equal but separate public accommodations for blacks and whites
Brown v. Board of education A supreme court case that ended racial segregation in American public schools
Thugood Marshall Influential leader of the civil rights movement
Martin Luther King junior A big influence in the civil rights movement also have this I have a dream speech
Orval faubus He was not happy with The interrogation of Little Rock schools and he would continue to fight for you to stop
Southern Democrats Members of the US Democratic Party who reside in the southern United States in the 19th century southern Democrats are whites in the south who believed in Jackson on democracy
Southern Democrats Freedom rides Groups of white and Africa American civil rights activist who participated in freedom riders
Letter from Birmingham jail A letter from Martin Luther King junior
Civil rights act of 1964 The civil rights act prohibits discrimination on the basis of race color religion six or national origin
Voting rights act of 1965 Gave African-Americans the right to toe
Black panthers Protesters
Malcolm X Human rights activist and prominent black nationalist leader who served as spokesman
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