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Ch 3 Sec 1

an especially fine and fertile soils silt
the supply of water to fields using human made systems irrigation
a self governing unit made up of a city and its surrounding lands and settlements a city that controls the surrounding villages and towns city state
a category of people based on wealth or status in a society social class
a person skilled at making things by hand artisan
a belief in many gods polytheism
the earliest form of writing invented by the Sumerians cuneiform
a formal series of acts always preformed in the same way a religious ceremony ritual
a pyramid shaped temple in Sumerian city states ziggurat
a group of different lands and people governed by one ruler empire
a tax paid or goods and services rendered in return for protection tribute
an extreme lack of crops or food causing widespread hunger famine
what gave rise to civilization in Mesopotamia fertile land/soil for farming
how did ancient Mesopotamia's adapt to their environment to build a Sumerian civilization? built walls for protection canals city states developed . irrigation systems to support farming and they fished and traded on rivers
how was the civilizations of sumer organized city states
what was the purpose of ziggurats they served as centers of religious worships
what basic form of writing based on images of objects was first invented by the Sumerians pictographs
what marked the beginning of written history scribes began forming words and combining sentence in religious and scientific works and in stories
how did Sargon win loyalty within the Akkadian Empire by permitting people to keep local customs and rulers
why did Sargon's Akkadian Empire fall it grew too big to maintain order
What Cultural and technological innovations did the Sumerians developed Ziggurats; system of writing; developed; calender's; bronze weapons and tools



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