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Political Parties

the vote cast by the electors of each state electoral vote
the vote cast by every participating voter popular vote
system of voting that is used for presidential elections in the United States Electoral College
something that stands for or represents something else symbol
a person running for political office candidate
the person that is chosen to run as a party's candidate in the national election nominee
the party that does not have a majority of the elected members minority
the party with the most elected members majority
an organized group of people who share similar political views and work to influence the government in support of those views political party
messages that are made to manipulate people's actions and beliefs propaganda
to officially support a product, candidate, or idea endorse
only shows one side of an issue or a debate bias
party meetings where candidates are selected and the platform is created convention
the set of statements describing a party's views on major issues in our country platform
when a candidate states that he/she is planning to run for office declare
the names of the major political parties in our country today Democratic and Republican
the symbol for the Democratic party donkey
the symbol for the Republican party elephant
the number of electoral votes each state gets the combined number of U. S. senators and number of members of the U. S. House of Representatives in the state
the number of electoral votes needed to win the office of president 270
the type of party system used by the United States two-party system
Are you required to join a political party? no
name of the first political party in the United States Federalist
Why do candidates almost always declare themselves a member of a party? It's easier for voters to figure out what the candidate believes in and political parties fight hard to get candidates from their party elected.
What do propaganda techniques have in common? They use biased messages to appeal to peoples' emotions instead of their reasoning.
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