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Arkansas Famous

Arkansas Famous People

Country music star from Delight, Arkansas, who had his own television show, died from Alzheimer's in 2017 Glen Campbell
Born to poor cotton farmers in Kingsland, Arkansas, this man rose to fame in the rockabilly scene; one of his most popular hits was "Folsom Prison Blues." Johnny Cash
6 foot 8 inch basketball player from Hamburg, Arkansas Scottie Pippen
actress born in Newport, Arkansas Mary Steenburgen
actor born in Hot Springs, Arkansas; attended Henderson State University Billy Bob Thornton
the founder of Wal-Mart, opened his first Wal-Mart in Bentonville, Arkansas; for a period of time, was once the richest man in America Sam Walton
African-American poet and author who lived in Stamps, Arkansas, as a child Maya Angelou
Former President of the U.S.; born in Hope, Arkansas; graduated from Hot Springs High School; played saxophone Bill Clinton
from Schaal, Arkansas, this pediatrician formerly served as Surgeon General of the United States Joycelyn Elders
born in Jonesboro, Arkansas, this attorney is an author of many New York Times best-selling legal thriller novels John Grisham
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