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* Cook : Unit 2

Which river flows west to east from Germany to the Black Sea. It either flows through or forms the border of ten countries. Danube River
Which river originating in the Alps has had a major influence on European history and economics? Rhine River
What is the name of the waterway that separates France and the United Kingdom? English Channel
What is the world's largest inland sea, located between Europe, Africa, and Asia? Mediterranean Sea
What is the vast, rich farmland stretching from eastern France to the Ural Mountains? European Plain
Where are the Alps? They are located in between France and Italy.
What two countries do the Pyrenees MOuntain form a natural border? France and Spain
Where are the Ural Mountains? In the middle of Russia forming the border between Asia and Europe.
What peninsula is occupied by Spain and Portugal? Iberian Peninsula
What northern Europe peninsula is occupied by Norway and Sweden? Scandanavian Peninsula
Why is the mild climate of the U.K surprising? It is located North.
Why is it difficult to ship to Russia in the winter? The water is frozen.
Why is the U.K. a world leader in trade? It is located near many countries.
How would you describe the natural resources of the U.K. compared to those of Russia. The natural resources in the U.K. are being used up; however the resources in Russia are hard to get to.
How do the ports of the U.K. and the ports of Russia differ? Russia's ports are often closed, whereas the U.K.'s ports remain open year round.
What are some of Germany's natural resources? Coal, iron ore and potash
What industry benefits from Italy's arable land and plentiful rainfall? Wine making
What has helped Italian merchants become successful traders? Being surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea allows them to ship to many different places
Which country has a harsh climate? Russia
Which country is twice the size of Canada? Russia
Which country is an island that has many harbors and is a leader in shipping? The United Kingdom
Which country has an average temperature below freezing? Russia
Which country is a peninsula of Europe? Italy
Which country is a crossroads of travel due to its location at the center of Europe? Germany
Which country uses coal to build its industrial areas? Germany
Which country has mountains that affect how people live? Italy
Which country has arable land that makes it a leader in olive and grape production? Italy
What are the main causes of acid rain in Germany? Burning coal and automobile emissions
What has Germany done to combat the issue of acid rain? They are replacing coal burning factories with cleaner fuel choices
What is one effect of acid rain? It destroys plants, buildings and monuments.
What is the United Kingdom's main environmental issue? air pollution
What is the main of the U.K.'s air pollution? Factory smoke
What was an effect of the nuclear disaster that occurred in Chernobyl, Ukraine? Drinking water and food was unsafe, cancer rates increased and the ground was radioactive for years.
Which country was responsible for the nuclear disaster that occurred in Chernobyl, Ukraine? The Soviet Union / Russia
Created by: kcook