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The Hunger Games 2

Study Guide

Angry at Katniss because she made him look bad in the Games President Snow
Has difficulty with anger. When angry, this character comes completely unglued. Cato
Excellent with a bow and arrow; doesn't do well with sick people. Katniss
Talented at camouflage Peeta
A good example of the fashion tastes of the Capitol Effie Trinket
A kind interview host who makes guests feel comfortable. Caesar Flickerman
Good with animals-loves goats. Prim
Alcoholic Haymitch
A tree jumper. Rue
Changes the rules of the Games Gamemakers
Panem was once North America
The Hunger Games are a punishment for an uprising
Katniss takes Prim's place in the reaping
Peeta saved Katniss's family from starvation
A surprise visitor to Katniss as she waits in the Justice building is Madge
Haymitch is important to Katniss and Peeta because he's responsible for their lives in the arena
In a flashback, Katniss remembers how she learned to survive in the woods.
Peeta and Katniss impress Haymitch with their violent response to his drinking
Cinna is the stylist responsible for Katniss's costumes.
During the opening ceremonies, Katniss and Peeta are popular with the crowds.
Katniss thinks she recognizes an Avox.
Katniss confides in Peeta about how she knows the Avox.
During the period of physical training Katniss and Peeta are together all the time.
During the private sessions with the Gamemakers, Katniss realizes the Gamemakers are not interested in her.
Katniss's behavior in front of the Gamemakers shows she has a short temper.
Katniss feels betrayed by Peeta's request to be coached on his own.
As they practice for the interview, Haymitch is disappointed in Katniss because she is openly hostile.
The most surprising revelation of the interview is Peeta tells Caesar that he loves Katniss.
The night before the Games begin, Peeta tells Katniss that he wants to die on his own terms.
At the start of the Games, the tributes have the opportunity to gather supplies and weapons at the Cornucopia.
Katniss doesn't understand how Peeta's confession give her an advantage.
On the first day of the Games, Katniss discovers Peeta has made an alliance with the Careers.
Katniss follows Haymitch's advice for surviving: Get away from the Cornucopia and find water.
As soon as Katniss begins to feel better and healthy, she is awakened at night by fire.
The following even adds to the tension in the arena: The Careers trap Katniss in a tree.
The appearance of Rue in the trees eventually saves Katniss.
The tracker jackers are mutations.
Katniss's first silver parachute shows that her sponsors like her strategy in dealing with the tracker jackers.
As a result of the tracker jacker event, Katniss thinks Peeta saved her life.
Rue has information about the Careers.
After Katniss and Rue become allies, Katniss decides to go on the offensive. This means Katniss is going to destroy the Career's food.
Katniss discovers something by observing Foxface as she steals supplies. She learns the supplies are booby trapped.
Katniss is successful in her plan, but as a result she has lost her hearing.
Rue is killed by a boy from District 1.
Katniss shows respect for Rue by singing to her until she dies.
After Rue's death, you can infer that Katniss is depressed.
The rules of the Games have changed. The Gamemakers tell the tributes two tributes from the same district can win.
In caring for Peeta, Katniss must show the audience that she loves him.
The feast promises to give each tribute something he or she needs.
The sponsors don't send medicine to Peeta because they think it is better entertainment to send Katniss to the feast.
You can infer that Clove has been planning how to kill Katniss.
Thresh and Katniss are alike because both understand what it means to owe someone a favor.
Katniss returns to Peeta with medicine, and Peeta begins to heal and take care of Katniss.
Peeta tells Katniss that he has loved Katniss since he heard her sing.
Peeta and Katniss leave the cave because they need food.
Foxface steals their food.
When Katniss and Peeta return to the lake, they discover something is chasing Cato
The dogs are the dead tributes mutated by the Capitol.
Cato threatens to kill Peeta, but Katniss shoots Cato in the hand.
The Gamemakers change the rules again when they say there can now be only one winner.
In the end, the Gamemakers reverse their rule change decision because they believe Katniss and Peeta will eat the berries
Once back in the Capitol, Katniss learns that President Snow is angry with her.
In spite of everything that happened in the arena, Katniss still believes Peeta was acting.
The best symbol for Katniss at the end of the novel is the forest.
One of the ironic events in the novel is The purpose of the feast.
Created by: dafields
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