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DC Gov

Midterm study cards

What is the percentage of people in the world that enjoy political and personal freedom? 40%
Who helped shape the evolving ideas about liberty and political rights? John Locke
What is the this belief that ordinary citizens can affect what the government does, that they can take action to make the government listen to them? Political efficacy
When did Native Americans become citizens of the United States? 1924
What was the percentage of the foreign-born population by 1970 that was at an all time low? 5%
Despite the rise in the mega rich and the top 10% by 2014, what group of people have seen their numbers swell to nearly one-third of the population? Poor and near poor
Which company successfully challenged a provision of the Obamacare because of religious objections? Hobby Lobby
What refers to the right to participate in politics equally? political equality
Which part of Congress is a large body elected directly by the people? House of Representatives
What percentage of Americans say the "government has too much power"? 55%
The Constitution is made up of three branches of government; legislative, executive and judicial. (T/F) True
The Article of Confederations was a success that we still use today? (T/F) False
Which future president of the United States squashed Shay's Rebellion? George Washington
What did the Great Compromise finally settle for the government? Senate & House of Representatives
What is a system of government in which power is divided, by a constitution between a central government and regional government? Federalism
Which Supreme Court case established judicial review? Marbury v. Madison
Which branch of government passes federal laws, collect taxes, borrow money, regulate commerce, declare war and maintain an army and navy? Legislative
Which part of Congress is elected every six years and whose terms are staggered into thirds for election every two years, per the Seventeenth Amendment? Senate
Which part of Congress is elected every two years and elected by the people? House of Representatives
Which amendment was changed because of the Vietnam War? 26
Which power enabled Congress to make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper? Implied
Which amendment is known for its "reserved powers"? 10th
Which clause says that each state has to honor judical proceedings? Full faith and credit clause
What is it called when the governmental powers are shared between the federal and state governments? Dual Federalism
What clause was made famous by the McCulloch v. Maryland (1819) Supreme Court case? Commerce
Who was the chief justice that argued the Gibbons v. Ogden (1824) Supreme Court case? Marshal
Who was the most prominent advocate of states' right, saying that they should have veto power on any federal law? John C. Calhoun
Which program required that the money provided by the government for the state be employed for the purposes defined by the federal government? Grants-in-aid
What Act required state and local governments to make public transit accessible to disabled people with wheelchairs? Rehabilitation act
Which Act greatly increased the surveillance powers of the federal government? USA PATRIOT Act
What did the Bill of Rights interpret to put limits on from the time it was written until the end o the 1800s? The national Government only
What is a court order demanding an individual in custody be brought iinto court and shown reason for detention? Habeas Corpus
Which two amendments have due process of the law in their writings? 5 & 14
Which court case led to the Lemon test? Lemon v Kurtzman
What judicial doctrine places a heavy burden of proof on the government when it seeks to regulate or restrict speech? strict scrutiny
Which convention in 1984 did a person burn an American flag? Dallas/Republican
Which famous court case deals with the Sixth Amendment's guarantee to a right of counsel? Gideon v Wainwright
What is it called when a written statement is defamatory? Libel
Which court case was the first to be recognized by the Court when it is related to right to privacy when it comes to birth control? Griswold v Connecticut
Whhc court case did the Supreme Court rule that state governments could no longer make private sexual behavior a crime? Lawrence v Texas
Which amendment is part of the "equal protection of the laws?" 14
What were the Jim Crow Laws? They criminalized intermarriage of the races and segregate trains and depots.
Who help found the NAACP? WEB Du Bois
What state granted full suffrage to women? Wyoming
What was the decision in the court case Shelley v Kraemer? A seller could not forbid a buyer from selling to a non-Caucasians the future.
What was the most important piece of legislation passed by Congress in 1964? Civil Rights Act
What did the Voting Rights Act of 1965 protect voters from? Taking literacy test
What are the two different types of sexual harassments? quid pro quo harassment and hostile environment
What does DREAM Act stand for? Development, Relief, and Education act for Alien minors
What has brought a substantial amount of money into the Native American lands? casino gambling
What term is used today that refers to someone who generally supports the social and economic status quo and is suspicious of efforts to introduce new political formulas and economic arrangements? Conservative
What political ideology that argues for the need to place strict limitations on voting right and civil liberties? Socialism
What process do Americans tend to learn political beliefs and values through? political socialization
What poll questions the design to shape the respondents opinion rather than measure the respondents opinion? Push poll
Which term is used in public opinion polling to denote the small group representing the opinions of the whole population? Sample
Who controls three-fourths of the daily print newspapers in the United States? large media conglomerates
What is needed for a digital citizenship? high speed internet and the skills to look up online information
What part of the media's powers determines what becomes a part of the political discussion? Agenda setting
Which organization has used the internet to anonymously release thoughts of secret US government documents relating to corruption, war crimes, and torture in recent years? WikiLeaks
What does the FCC regulations apply to? over-the-air broadcast media
Created by: 21adickenson