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Social Studies Q Rev

What factors influenced the location of colonies? climate, land, location on waterways
What did the Spanish Explorer, Hernan Cortes do? conquered the Aztec empire
What ways did American colonists use waterways, rivers, or oceans? to trade, whale and fish
What was the most important factor that influenced the location of colonies? geography
What are the reasons that Jamestown struggled as a colony? it was not in a healthy location
What area of America did the British settle? East coast of North America
What are of America did the Spanish settle? Southwest North American and modern-day Florida
Why was St. Augustine, a Spanish colony, located where it was? it was near the coast in Florida near a route Spanish ships used for shipping
St. Augustine had a large wall built around it, why? the colonists feared for their safety, built shelter and used materials from their environment
What was the first law-making body in the English colonies? When was it created? The House of Burgesses
What did Roger Williams and William Penn believe about religious freedom? religious tolerance and freedom
What did William Bradford do? governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony, built relationships with Native Americans
Who was the woman from the Massachusetts Bay Colony who dared to live and worship as she pleased? Anne Hutchinson
Who does Uncle Sam represent? the American Government
What date celebrates the creation of the Declaration of Independence? July 4th
The Bill of Rights protects you if you are accused of a crime
What does the term "Star Spangled Banner" refer to? The American Flag
When was the national anthem created? The American Flag was still flying at Fort McHenry in a battle with the British when Francis Key wrote the song
Indivisible means the states are a union
"Everyone has a right to be free" is an idea used in the Pledge of Allegiance and the Declaration of Independence
What is true of the ethnic population of the original colonies in the 1700s? Almost half of the population came from England
How did New England colonies make money? Where were the cities located? they traded along the coast
What did the Pueblo Native Americans use to build homes? adobe, mud and wood
How did the Middle Colonies make money? Agriculture, they grew grains
What was the significance of the House of Burgesses? first colonial body of representative government
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