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Lesson 2 Sports

Athletics Atletismo
Aerobics Aerobic
Archery Tiro con arco
Badminton Bádminton
Baseball Béisbol
Basketball Baloncesto
Beach volleyball/ Sand volleyball Voleybol playa
Boat race Regata
Boling Bolos
Boxing Boxeo
Bungee jumping Puenting
Caving Expeleología
Canoeing Piragüismo
Chess Ajedrez
Cricket Cricket
Cycling Ciclismo
Dancing Bailar
Darts Dardos
Decathlon Decatlón
Fencing Esgrima
Field hockey Hockey sobre hierva
Fishing Pesca
Football fútbol americano
Futsal Fútbol sala
Golf Golf
Gymnastics Gimnasia
Handball Balonmano
Hang-gliding Ala delta
High jump Salto de altura
Hiking Senderismo
Hockey Hockey
Horse racing Carreras de caballos
Horseback riding Montar a caballo
Hunting Caza
Ice hockey Hockey sobre hielo
Ice climbing Escalada sobre hielo
Inline skating Patinaje en línea
Jogging Footing
Judo Judo
Karate Karate
Kayaking Kayak
Long jump salto de longitud
Marathon Maratón
Martial arts Artes marciales
Motor racing/Motorcycling Motociclismo
Motor racing/Motoring Automovilismo
Mountain biking Ciclismo de montaña
Mountain climbing Montañismo
Parachuting Paracaidismo
Paragliding Parapente
Petanque Petanca
Pole vault Salto de pértiga
Polo Polo
Pool Billar (USA)
Push ups Flexiones
Recreational fishing Pesca deportiva
Rhythmic Gymnastics Gimnasia Rítmica
Riding Equitación
Rock Climbing Escalada
Rowling Remo
Rugby Rugby
Running Correr
Sailing Vela
Scuba diving Buceo
Skating Patinaje
Skiing Esquís
Skydiving Paracaidismo
Snorkeling Esnórquel
Snowboarding Snowboard
Soccer Fútbol (USA)
Squash Squash
Swimming Natación
Synchronized swiming Natación sincronizada
Table tennis Ping pong
Taekwondo Taekwondo
Tennis Tenis
Trampolining Salto de trampolín
Triathlon Triatlón
Volleyball Voleibol
Waterpolo Waterpolo
Waterskiing Esquí acuático
Weightlifting Halterofilia
Windsurfing Windsurf
Wrestilng Lucha libre
Court Cancha, campo de baloncesto, tenis y boleibol
Pitch campo de fútbol o rugby
Field Campo de fútbol o rugby
Course Campo de golf
Ground Campo de deportes, juegos
Track Pista de atletismo
Rink Pista de hockey hielo
(Swimming) Pool Piscina
Ring Ring (boxeo)
Ski Slopes Pista de ski
Match Partido (fútbol, tenis, balonmano...)
Tournement Torneo (Darts, hockey, tennis...)
Contest Competición, concurso, combate
Competition Competición
Course Campo (de golf)
Race Carrera (atletics, cars, horses. boats...)
Game Partido (Basketball), juego (tennis)
Event Evento deportivo
To beat vencer, ganar (a alguien)
To bowl Hacer rodar, jugar a los bolos
To catch coger, atrapar
To cheat hacer trampas, cometer un fraude
To compete competir
To draw Empatar
To dribble driblar
To give up parar, dejar de hacer
To get fit ponerse en forma
To head cabecear, golpear con la cabeza
To hit golpear
To jog correr (rodar) despacio
To jump saltar
To kick golpear con el pie, patear, dar una patada
To knock out tumbar, golpear y tirar
To lose perder
To pass pasar
To play jugar
To race competir
To ride montar a caballo
To risk arriesgar
To run correr
To sail navegar
to score marcar, puntuar, encestar...
To skate patinar
To sli esquiar
To spriny esprintar
To swim nadar
To tackle placar, agarrar
To take part in participar
To take up empezar
To throw lanzar, arrojar
To tie empatar
To warm up calentar
To win ganar
Created by: Patricia Lozano
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