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What are the late 1800's and early 1900's often referred to as? The Second Industrial Revolution
What process revolutionized the steel industry? Bessemer process
How was Thomas Edison able to reach people's homes with his electricity? Built Power Plants
What women played a leading role in the formation of labor unions? Marry Harris Jones
Who led the American Federation of Labor? Samuel Gompers
Where did the Homestead strike take place? Carnegie's steel factory
What impact did drilling of oil have on the people in the late 1800s? to light homes and businesses
What negative effect did new technologies have in the late 1800s? skilled workers were replaced by machines
What did labor unions resort to when management wouldn't negotiate? strike
What was the primary reason that workers went on strike in the late 1800s? They wanted better treatment by their employers
What were formed as a result of poor working conditions in factories? labor unions
Who dominated the steel industry in the late 1800s? Andrew Carnegie
Carnegie and Rockefeller were similar because they both utilized what process? Vertical integration
Why was the Sherman Antitrust Act ineffective at first? it did not give the definition of a trust
Who was responsible for the first working airplane? The Wright Brothers
Which Titan of Industry controlled the oil industry? Rockefeller
What inventor improved communication in the U.S.? Alexander Graham Bell
What was unique about Henry Ford's car factory? he used an assembly line system
What were Edison's goals with his inventions? to build something that would be useful to people
Why was steel a more usable building material than iron? it was stronger



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