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Europe Review

What country shares the Iberian Peninsula with Spain? Portugal
What mountain range separates Asia and Europe in Russia? Urals
What mountain range forms the boundary between Spain and France? Pyrenees
What are the two major rivers in Germany? Rhine and Danube
What country in Europe has air pollution in its major cities? United Kingdom
What country in Europe has acid rain in the Black Forests? Germany
What disaster happened in the Ukraine in the 1980s that caused cancer and birth defects to people who lived nearby? Chernobyl Power Plant Explosion
What island nation in Europe has a rainy, mild climate? UK
What central European country has a moderate climate and ample arable land and resources? Germany
What is the name of the cold nation in Europe that has the largest total population, but is the least densely populated because of its large size? Russia
What is an urban area? City setting
What is a rural area? Country setting
What nations speak a Slavic language? Russia and Ukraine
What nations speak a romance language? France, Italy, Portugal and Spain
What nations speak a Germanic language? Germany and United Kingdom
What do the three main religions of Europe have in common? All monotheistic and all originated in SW Asia. Abraham is the father of all three religions.
Which religion has the Qur'an as its holy book, mosque as its house of worship and believes in the Five Pillars of Faith? Islam
Which religion is the oldest monotheistic religion, has the Torah as its Holy Book, and its house of worship is a synagogue. Judaism
Which religion is the main religion practiced in Europe, has the Bible as its Holy Book, and its house of worship is a church or cathedral? Christianity
What punishments did the Treaty of Versailles place on Germany? Forced them to pay billions in reparations, give back land, and reduce military.
What were the major causes of the Russian Revolution? neglect of the poor in Russia and involvement in WWI
What were the effects of the Treaty of Versailles and the economic depression in Germany? Led to rise of the Nazi Party
What does antisemitic mean? Anti-Jewish
What was the mass murder of six million Jews known as? Holocaust
What party used preexisting prejudices and propaganda to persecute the Jewish people of Germany? Nazi Party
What two super powers emerged at the end of WWII? USA and Soviet Union
Why was Germany divided at the end of WWII? The Allied powers agreed to divide Germany at the Yalta conference because the Soviet Union refused to give back land seized during WWII.
What part of Berlin was democratic? West
What part of Berlin was communist? East
How did the government in Russia change as a result of the Russian Revolution? It became communist
What form of government did the Soviet Union want to spread throughout the world during the Cold War? Communism
What type of government controls all aspects of the economy? Communist
What was the time period called when the US and Soviet Union threatened each other with nuclear war? Cold War
What country's reunification caused the collapse of the Soviet Union? Germany
The Cold War ended when what country collapsed and was no longer threatening to spread communism? Soviet Union
How was Germany divided after WWII? France, UK and United States controlled the western part. It was democratic. The Soviet Union controlled the Eastern part, and it was communist.
What were the Soviet controlled nations in Eastern Europe called? Communist Bloc
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