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Chapter 08

Sociology 3e

cyberfeminism the application to and promotion of feminism online
design patents patents that are granted when someone has invented a new and original design for manufactured product
digital divide the uneven access to technology around race, class, and geographical lines
e-readiness the ability to sort through, interpret, and process digital knowledge
evolutionary model or technological change a breakthrough in one form of technology that leads to a number of variations, from which a prototype emerges, followed by a period of slight adjustments to the technology interrupted by a breakthrough
gatekeeping the sorting process by which thousands of possible messages are shaped into a mass media appropriate form and reduced to a manageable amount
knowledge gap the gap in information that builds as groups grow up without access to technology
media all print, digital, and electronic means of communication
media consolidation a process by which fewer and fewer owners control the majority of media outlets
media globalization the worldwide integration of media through the cross-cultural exchange of ideas
new-Luddites those who see technology as a symbol of the coldness of modern life
net neutrality the principle that all Internet data should be treated equally by internet service providers
new media all interactive forms of information exchange
oligopoly a situation in which a few firms dominate a marketplace
panoptic surveillance a form of constant monitoring in which the observation posts are decentralized and the observed is never communicate with directly
planned obsolescence the act of a technology company planning for a product to be obsolete or unusable from the time it's created
plant patents patents that recognize the discovery of new plant types that can be asexually reproduced
technological diffusion the spread of technology across boarders
technology globalization the cross-cultural development and exchange of technology
technology the application of science to solve problems in daily life
technophiles those who see technology as symbolizing the potential for a brighter future
utility patents patents that are granted for the invention or discovery of any new and useful process, product, or machine
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