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History Vocab

Industrial Revolution vocabulary

Alexander Graham Bell Inventor, scientist, and engineer. Co-founded American telephone and telegraph company.
Robber Baron Person that becomes rich through ruthless business practices
Sabotage Destroying someone/something on purpose
Black List A list of people that are unaccepted into society, usually for breaking laws.
Laissez-faire Attitude to let everything take its own course without interfering
Capitalism Countries industries are controlled by private owners instead of state
Eli Whitney Created the cotton gin Robert Fulton- Robert Fulton is and inventor and engineer of the steamboat.
The Bessemer Process The first invention for mass production of steel from molten pig iron
Pasteurization The process of foods being treated with mild heat to extend shelf life.
Telegraph a system to transfer messages along a wire
captain of industry A business leader with good intentions
strikebreakers/scabs A person who works in place of people on strike
Strike A type of protest, usually to their job and not working
Boycott A type of protest against a certain group of people picket line
Monopoly Possession/control supply of trade
Union a group of people with the same political views
Corporation A group/company able to act as one and recognized by the law Stock
Child labor Hard work of children that shouldn’t be working
collective bargaining negotiation of wages and other conditions of employment
Created by: Emberley
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