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S.S. ch. 6


Love of country and the desire to have one's county free from the control of another. nationalism
Protection and careful use of natural resources. conservation
Writer or journalist of the early 1900's who uncovered shameful conditions in business and other areas of American life. muckraker
Policy in which a nation prefers to remain neutral and let other countries handle their oun affairs. isolationism
Agreement among nations to defend one another. alliance
Large companies with the power to drive out competition in an industry. trust
False or exaggerated reporting yellow journalism
A narrow strip of land that connects two larger areas. isthmus
Who was Liliuokalani? the first Queen of Hawaii
What kinds of poeple joined the Rough Riders? Native Americans and wealthy New Yorkers
What is one thing Progressives worked to do? to improve the way in which government worked
What was a shortcut for ships traveling from the Altantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean? Panama Canal
Where was Hawaii annexed too? the United States
What was one reason the Americans were willing to go to war against the Spanish? They were upset with how the Cubans were treated
What is an example of one of the social problems Blue Laws were designed to solve? the abuse of alcohol
Who won World War I? the Allied Powers
What angered U.S. to declare war on Germany? German subs sank 3 American trade ships
William Seward thought the U.S. should purchase Alaska from what country? Russia
Who was the person responible for oranizing the Rough Riders? Theodore Roosevelt
The Buffalo Soldiers were made up of what kind of soldier? African American
Walter Reed discovered that the diseases that were slowing down the construction of Panana Canal were being carried by? mosquitoes
Who was appointed chief engineer for the building of the Panama Canal? John Stevens
Who was the naturalist that had a great impact on the conservation of some of our country's most beautiful areas? John Muir
What country did President Woodrow Wilson write a letter to after the sinking of the Lusitania? Germany
Ida Tarbell wrote about the dangers of trusts in a series of magazine articles about what company? Standard Oil
Which of the following countries was not a member of the Allied Powers? Turkey
What did the Treaty of Versailles do? It ended World War I
Upton Sinclair wrote a novel called ____________, which told about conditions in the meat packing plants of Chicago? The Jungle
The purchase of Alaska was also known as? Seward's Folly
What was the name of the battleship that exploded while in Cuba, prompting the U.S. to declare war on Spain? U.S.S. Maine
Name the 2 disease that initially hampered (slowed down) the building of the Panama Canal? Yellow Fever, Malaria
When did World War I end? Nov. 11, 1918
The League of Nations was formed to prevent what? prevent wars
Name 3 new technologies that affected fighting during World War I? Possible answers: poison gas, airplanes, tanks, submarines
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