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6th China

History test review

Hidden form the rest of the world by natural barriers. Isolated
mountain ranges, large desert, and jungles are examples of... natural barriers
A line of Kings, rulers, or emporors that come from the same family. Dynasty
The Shang dynasty lived along what river? The Yellow river.
common people where Farmsers that farmed rice
WHat was the Chinese religion? Ancesor Worship.
to please dead ancestors, the chinese made bronse vessels and cooked meat in theam during a sacrifice whatr are they called? tings
messege given by a persn who is beleved to be able to commmunicate with the dead. Oracle
Peices of bone or shell that priest heated with a large metal rod,and if it cracked those cracks were possibly messages from the dead ansestors. they made priests verry powerfull. oracle bones
how long did the chou dynasty rule? 800 years
What was the chou people interested in? Education and literature.
how many characters are there in the chinese calligraphy? 150,000
period that marked a high point in the chinese culture developement and philosophy. classical age of china
what was the name of the scholar/teacher/philosipher/ man that thought music was necessary? Confucious
whatr whent on during thing like worship,work, pleasury,and archery contest? music
how long did the ch'in dynasty last? less than 30 years.
who was the first emporor of china and was a feirce harsh ruler? Qin Shi Huangdi
What is a system thatgives a worker a job and then teaches him how to do it called? a bureaucracy
What did the chin dynasty standardise? money,measurements, and the type of writing.
who gave china its name? the ch'in dynasty
who order he consruction of th great wall of china? qin shi huangdi
how long was the great wall of china? more than 15,000 miles
what was the great wall of china's purpose? to keep invadors from the north out.
when did a farmer discover a clay army guarding the tomb of shi huangdi? 1974
how many clay soldiers horses and chariots where found? 6,000
offcials chosen to help overn the country. mandarins
medical treatment to relieve pain by sticking needles into sertain points of the body. acupuncture
instrumernt used to detect and measure earthuakes. seisemographs
atrade route that was 4000 miles long that the chiinese used to trade silk with europeans. the silk road
When a country is at its best golden age
they were the first to use and discover gunpowder.
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