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History Ch 5

several organizations that the first government of the U.S. lacked military and national bank system
Virginia Statue Religious Freedom act meant declared that no person could be forced to attend a particular church or be required to pay for a church with tax money
3 branches of government Legislative, Judicial, Executive
duties of the executive branch includes the president and enforces laws it also includes the Department heads
duties of the legislative branch made up of Congress- house and senete, porposing and passing laws
duties of the judicial branch made up of national courts, interprets laws, punishes criminals, settles disputes between states
purpose of Checks and Balances system keeps any branch of government from becoming too powerful
3/5 Compromise only 3/5 of a states slave population would count when determining representation
Magna Carter was a document that required that the king had to follow the same rules as the people
people that didn't support the Constitution Antifederalists
Bill of Rights protected the peoples rights, and was also stated the first 10 amendments
people that could vote only white men that owned land
problem that the U.S. had with Britain after the Revolution ended Britain didn't want to trade
popular sovereignty the idea that political authority belongs to the people
a person that played major role in the drafing of the Constitution James Madison
system called that established the sharing of the power between the state and national governments Federalism
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