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2020 Paleolithic Age

What can cause an animal to physically change over a period of time? Genetic mutation
The first human species were found in... East Africa
What is the process called where living things better adapted to their environment tend to survive and produce more offspring? Natural Selection
What separated early humans from other animals? They could walk upright and use tools.
What it is called when an animal develops a special skill that helps them survive? Adaptation
One of the first tools that early humans used handaxes
What important development allowed early humans to share ideas and become smarter? Speech
What important discovery allowed early humans to keep warm, scare off animals, and hunt better? Fire
Can the use of fire to cook food actually help early humans to develop bigger brains? YES
What development allowed early humans to see danger coming, use their hands, and see prey better when hunting? Walking upright
The movement from one place to another is called.. Migration
When something causes you to want to leave a place it is a type of ... Push migration
When something draws or attracts you to a place it is a type of .... Pull migration
A person who has no permanent home is called a.... Nomad
Changing season, drought, and migrating herds of animals were all reasons for early humans to ... Migrate
Which gender was responsible for hunting, fishing, and trapping food? Men
Which gender was responsible for helping to produce and gather food? Women and children
A natural home or environment of a living thing is called a ... Habitat
Early human habitats have an impact on their... religion, food, clothing, shelter
Which group of homo sapiens were great toolmakers, great shelter builders, and made better clothing that helped them survive the Ice Age? Cro-Magnons
This group of early humans used pitfalls to trap large animals Neanderthals
This group of early humans had larger noses and a protruding brow line Neanderthals
This group of early humans were believed to be the first to bury their dead Neanderthals
This group of early humans were very strong; had brute strength Neanderthals
This group of early humans was considered the first MODERN humans Cro-Magnons
This group of early humans was the first to create cave paintings Cro-Magnons
This group of early humans were taller and slimmer than their predecessors Cro-Magnons
This group of early humans invented axes to cut down trees Cro-Magnons
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