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American Revolution

H3 - American Revolution - 8th Grade

What was the French and Indian War also named as? The Seven Years War
Who was a part of the French and Indian War? French & Indians VS. English
What was the French and Indian War fighting over? Territory in the Ohio Valley
Who won the French and Indian War? England
What ended the French and Indian War? The Treaty of Paris 1763
What was the impact on Georgia for the Treaty of Paris 1763? The treaty gave up all French North American colonies. Also, gave Spanish Florida to England. Which means no more SPANISH THREAT
What were some effects on the French and Indian War War Cost a lot of money, Britain now owns the Ohio Valley & other land the French claimed, The new “British” land in the West is full of unhappy Native Americans who just lost the war
What were some of British's responses to the French and Indian War The British (England) make new taxes that the colonist have to pay, British soldiers move into French forts in the West, Proclamation of 1763 - illegal for colonist to move West
Who issued the Proclamation of 1763 King George III
What did the Proclamation of 1763 do? It gave land to British veterans of the French and Inidan War
What was one main goal for the Proclamation of 1763? Hope to make peace with the American Indians because they were in debt from the French and Indian War
What was the second main goal for the Proclamation of 1763? King George III hoped for peace to start a trade relationship
What was the third and final goal for the Proclamation of 1763? The British could better defend and maintain colonies by building forts along the Proclamation line
What was Georgia's reaction to the Proclamation of 1763? Colonist weren’t particularly angered by the proclamation. Georgia’s economy depended on trade with England, so living near the coast was an advantage. Plus, we gained land!
What was the Stamp Act? The Stamp Act was an Act that required colonist to buy a government stamp for almost every paper document
Who did the Stamp Act effect? All English Colonists
Why did the Stamp Act come into play? They needed it to help raise money for the French and Indian War
When did the Stamp Act start and Repeal? Started in 1765 and Repealed in 1776
Where was the Stamp Act a part of at? All English colonies
What two events happened in Boston that showed the colonist were mad and rebellious with England? The Boston Massacre & The Boston Tea Party
What was Georgia's feelings about the Stamp Act? Some of them were okay with it. Because they had protection from the British and had prospered under the British rule
What upset ALL the colonist about the Stamp Act? They were upset at the Taxation without Representation
What were the groups opposing England called?🤷 The Sons of Liberty
What were the Intolerable acts? Boston Port Act, Quartering Act, Massachusetts Government Act, Quebec Act, and the Administration of Justice Act
What did the Boston Port Act do? Closed the port of Boston (hurt trade)
What did the Quartering Act do? Provided housing for British soldiers
What did the Massachusetts Government Act do? Took away the government from the colony. It also allowed to only hold 1 to 3 meetings per year
Where did the 1st Continental Congress meet? Philadelphia, PA
Every colony was at the first Continental Congress meet except for who? Georgia
Before the Second Continental Congress could meet, what happened? Fighting broke out
King George III said they would not get independence without what? Fight
Where was the 1st armed conflict of the American Revolution? Lexington and Concord
What was the 1st conflict of the American Revolution called? Shot heard around the world
When was the Declaration of independence adopted? July 4, 1776
Who were the three signers of the Declaration of Independence? Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall, & George Walton
Which signer died in a duel with Lachlan McIntosh? Button Gwinnett
Which signer was a lawyer? George Walton
Which signer was a minister and a doctor? Lyman Hall
Which signer was selected the 2nd Continental Congress? Button Gwinnett
Who was elected governor in 1783? Lyman Hall
Who was politically the most successful between the 3 signers? George Walton
What are the 3 parts of the Declaration of Independence? Preamble, Grievances, and Official Declaration
Of those three parts, which one formed the United States of America? Official Declaration
Of those three parts, which part listed the complaints against the British Government? Grievances
Of those three parts, which part States "all men are created equal"? Preamble
What is something that a Loyalist would say? Mother England, We LOVE YOU!
What is something that a Patriot would say? We want FREEDOM!!
Which group was also called TORIES? Loyalist
Which group was also called WHIGS? Patriots
What dd the Treaty of Paris 1783 grant? American Independence
What was America's first written Government? Articles of Confederation
What were/are some of the powers for the Articles of confederation? Declare war, coin money, Establish Post office, send/recall ambassadors
What were/are some of the weaknesses? There was no strong national government No leader controlled the government Congress could not establish a national army without the permissions of the states. Congress could not collect taxes Congress could make laws, could not force states (obey)
What was Georgia’s Role in the Constitutional Convention? Support of slavery - allowed states to include slaves in the population count - three-fifths compromise (slaves would count ⅗ of a person
Another one of Georgia's Role in the Constitutional Convention? Abraham Baldwin - Created the Great Compromise - went from a unicameral (one house) to bicameral (two house)
Who were the 2 signers from Georgia? Abraham Baldwin and William Few



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