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Colonzation #2

House of Burgesses 1st Legislative body in the New World
Act of Toleration Allows limited religious freedom for Catholics
Bacon’s Rebellion Rebellion led over high taxes and lack protection against Native Americans
Governor Berkeley Governor of Virginia during Bacon’s Rebellion
Indentured Servants English who paid for their voyage to the New World via labor
Headright System 50 acres of land for you and everyone you pay for to come to Virginia
Anne Hutchinson Religious heretic banished from MBC who founded Rhode Island
Fundamental Orders of Connecticut Thomas Hooker’s 1st colonial Constitution
Halfway Covenant Attempt by Mass Bay to soften religious restrictions
New England Confederation Mutual Defense group made up of the New England Colonies
Pequot War 1st major Indian war
King Philip’s War 2nd Major Indian war created by the unification of various tribes in New England
Mercantilism Economic systems that seeks a positive balance of trade by acquiring colonies
Specie Gold or Silver = Hard currency
Balance of Trade . Exports minus Imports
Tariff Tax on imported Goods
Harvard .1st University in the New World set up to train ministers
J.P. Zanger NY reporter cleared of libel when he accuses the Royal Gov. of corruption
Libel writing something about somebody that is not true
Triangle Trade Trade between the Americas, Europe and Africa
Middle Passage Refers to the trip slaves made from Africa to the New World
Navigation Acts Strict rules placed on the 13 colonies about what they trade and with whom
Salutary Neglect The British Crown leaves the Colonies alone
Salem Witch Trials 19 people and 2 dogs are executed for witchcraft in Salem, Mass in 1692
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