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WC Country Info

Description on each country

Ancestry is traced back to the Romans; Oil reserves were huge and helped the Nazis Romania
This country was once a part of Persia; Shares close ties with Turkey; and shares a border with Iran Iraq
Arch Duke Ferdinand's murder sparked WWI; Muslims were Killed Bosnia & Herzegovina
Became independent in 2008; capital is Pristina Kosovo
Important center of Slavic culture; Capital is Sofia Bulgaria
Capital is Belgrade; Yugoslavia
Capital is Podgorica Montenegro
At various times, this country was controlled by the Turks, Mongols, & the Tatars Turkmenistan
Desert landscape of this former soviet republic, in the Caucus', 25 million people, communist leaders have regained power Uzbekistan
Lake Bikal, dominated eastern europe until the fall of the berlin wall, large producers of oil and gas Russia
germany and soviets invaded this country in 1939; gave up 1/3 of their land to russia, soldiery movement replaced communism in 191 Poland
the most prosperous republic of the former Yugoslavia republics Serbia
The former home of Alexander the Great; the only Yugoslav republic to separate with nonviolence Macedonia
Split from the soviets; and is closest to finland Estonia
Buda, and Pest are split by the danube Hungary
this nation is second in size to Russia; next to the Aral Sea Kazakhstan
Chernobyl nuclear explosion in 1986; capital is minsk Belarus
second smallest soviet republic, densely populated, big agriculture, very similar to romania; Chisinau is the capital Moldova
home to the kyrgyz people Kyrgyzstan
this country and solvakia formed a country until 1993 Czech Republic
this country is the breadbasket; name means boarder lands; capital is kiev Ukraine
more people over the age of 100; culture goes back to the 4th century Georgia
People in this country are called Lets; language is based on sand-script Latvia
called Illyria, constantine came from this country; smallest balcan country in size and population; first atheist country Albania
1700 mile coastline, called the dalmatia coastline Croatia
became one of the first countries in the world to designate christianity as their national religion; first holocaust of the 20th century Armenia
Russians are the largest ethnic minority; capital is vilnus Lithuania
Eastern part of the former Czechoslovakia Slovakia
Nurek Dam is the highest in the world; dushanbe is the capital Tajikistan
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