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Savana open grassland with widely spaced trees in a hot seasonally dry climate
strait relatively narrow waterway joining two larger bodies of water
channel the deepest part of a river harbor or large strait
geyser natural spring that ejects steam and hot water into the air.
sea body of saltwater partially enclosed by land.
gulf body of saltwater partially enclosed by land.
bay body of saltwater partially enclosed by land.
Canal artificial waterway used for irrigation or travel.
canyon deep valley with high steep hills
Delta triangular plane formed by the gravel,silt,sand and clay deposited at a rivers mouth where it slows to meet another body of water.
Tundra vast treeless plains with permafrost and small low plants.
Glacier large body of ice that moves across the Earths surface.
Peninsula landform surrounded by water on 3 sides.
island piece of land completely surrounded by water.
archipelago chain of islands.
fjord long narrow coastal valley between tall rocky cliffs.
isthmus narrow strip of land between two seas or oceans that connect two larger land areas.
plateau large flat area of land that is usually higher than the land around it with at least one steep slope
plain large area of relatively flat or gently rolling land
prairie large area of relatively flat or gently rolling land.
dune ridge or hill of sand blown or drifted by the wind in deserts or on beaches.
atoll ring-shaped island formed by coral buildup on the rim of an underwater volcano.
crater bowl shaped depression in the earth or the funnel shaped opening of a volcano.
valley elongated lowland between mountain ranges or hills.
rainforest a dense tropical evergreen rainforest with an annual rainfall of at least 100 inches.
marsh wetlands area always or sometimes covered with shallow water.
mountain rugged mass of rock that rises above the surrounding landscape with steep slopes and a peak or summit.
desert dry barren region that receives little or no precipitation
lake large body of fresh or salt water that is entirely surrounded by land


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