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H3 review

Who french and indian vs english
what Fighting over territory in the ohio vally
war was also known as ? The seven years war
Who Won? england
Why? England was france’s strongest rival
Impact on GA Tready gave up all french north american colonies
who issused the Proclamation of 1763 ? King George III
what was the proclamation of 1763? prohibiting the colonist from _moving west beyond the Appalachian Mtns.
what were the three main goals of the proclamation of 1763? First, Hope to make peace with the American Indians because they were in debt from the _french and indian war,to make peace,maintaning colonies.
what was the stamp act? Required colonist to buy a goverment stamp for almost every paper document.
Who did the stamp act affect ? All english colonist
When did the stamp act take place? Started 1776 Repealed in 1776
where did the stamp act take place? all english colonies
why did the stamp act happen ? Needed to raise money to pay for the french and indian war
What two events happened in Boston that showed the colonist were mad and rebellious with England? Bostin massacre Bostin tea party
what was the bostin port act? colsed the port of bostin(hunt trade)
what was the quartering act? providing housing for british soldires
what was the massachusetts goverment act? took away the goverment from the colony,one meeting per year.
what was the quebec act? expanded the british canadian territory south into the ohio vally
adminsitration of justice act ? move trails to bratian
Where did the 1st Continental Congress meet? Philadelphia in 1774
Before the Second Continental Congress could meet, what happened? Fighting broke out between british and american
Where was the 1st armed conflict of the American Revolution? Lexington and concord(shot around the world)
The Declaration of Independence was adopted when? July 4,1776
what did the partiots want? freedom and independence
2nd bloodiest battle ? Siege of Savannah
Created by: savannah_2655
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